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Beauty Box Review: Wonderbox May 2013

Today I'm going to make a review on Wonderbox May Edition that I subscribed from

(You can read my previous review for April Edition here)

I Don't Know What To Do With My Life (Part I)

I'm almost at the end of my Bachelor Degree Study As my days now are filled with stuffs like finishing my final project and sending out resumes for internship, there is one question that hit me hard.
Do I have to follow this path of work since I'm already almost at the end of my degree?
To …

New Blog Design!

Hey Guise!! Anyone notice my blog has changed from black to purple? Finally! I've managed to reconstruct my blog and change the design!! Yayy!
I actually finished the header a very looong~~ time ago *ehem, i mean about last january* But I was so busy *and lazy* to actually spend time to change…


cr: weheartit
Thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me and taking care of me.  Thank you for your nagging and thinking of what's best for me Thank you for forgiving my mistakes  Thank you for being there Thank you for everything
I'm sorry that I haven't been good enough.  I…

My Blog is Not My Blog

cr: kushandwizdom
I started to create this blog in 2009 and the only thing that was on my mind at that time is for this blog to be a place where I can express and let everything out. But these days, the enthusiasm I had before seems like it's not here anymore. 
"Even when I feel like writ…

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