May 25, 2013

Beauty Box Review: Wonderbox May 2013

Today I'm going to make a review on Wonderbox May Edition that I subscribed from

(You can read my previous review for April Edition here)

May 13, 2013

I Don't Know What To Do With My Life (Part I)

I'm almost at the end of my Bachelor Degree Study
As my days now are filled with stuffs like finishing my final project and sending out resumes for internship, there is one question that hit me hard.

Do I have to follow this path of work since I'm already almost at the end of my degree?

To be honest, even until today, I'm not even sure whether I actually like it, or just doing it for the sake of finishing university.

But, one thing for sure, my passion in this area is too little that I wonder if I would be happy working in the future.

So I might need a backup plan and start thinking about what I REALLY WANT to do with my life.
I've been reading here and there, and most people think that it is never too late to figure out.

Even though I've taken career tests and surveys in school before, I decided to retake the test so I can think about what I really want to be.

The first test I've taken is from here: 

And the results:

Well, the results are the same with what I've taken in school before. I wonder why am I so stupid for not applying in this area of studies?

But hey, there is no need to regret on what's been done.

For now, I just need to follow the flow. 
Finish internship and start working to clear off my ptptn debt
And as the time goes by I might find what I really want to do.

So, my advise to those who are really confused about what they really want to do in life, they really need to read a lot, and try to take these quizzes from variety of sources . I'm sure it'll help!


New Blog Design!

Hey Guise!! Anyone notice my blog has changed from black to purple?
Finally! I've managed to reconstruct my blog and change the design!! Yayy!

I actually finished the header a very looong~~ time ago *ehem, i mean about last january*
But I was so busy *and lazy* to actually spend time to change it.

But last Friday, I finally decided to change the looks!

If you notice, this one is a little softer and..*ehem* more feminine than the previous style.
Maybe since I've gotten older and more mature *snort at my own comment..bwahahha*

By the way, what do you think?
I stick to my usual layout and done it in the simplest way possible.

And ohh~ the background music, is 'Spanish Romance' piano cover.
Fyi, I've been learning to play this song with my brother guitar~ love the tune so much!

And ohh~~ I screenshot how the blog look when I browse using my SIII~^^
(but it was halfway done during that time-notice the header and quote on the side is still different)

Hahaha~~ Feels like I'm somewhere in Paris when I see the design. At first I wanted to use another background, but I saw this design in Blogger template and I totally love it! So I decided to throw the background I planned to use before and just proceed with this one.Huhu

But I wonder if the font style and size is easy to read. *It is easy for me*
What do you think??

May 12, 2013


cr: weheartit


Thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me and taking care of me. 
Thank you for your nagging and thinking of what's best for me
Thank you for forgiving my mistakes 
Thank you for being there
Thank you for everything

I'm sorry that I haven't been good enough. 
I know that I'm lacking in so many areas
Yet you continue to keep your faith in me

I'm sorry for any dissapointment I've given you
I'm sorry for acting cold at times
I'm sorry for being stubborn and seldom agrees to anything you say

Among the three of us
I know that I'm the less expressive one
I know I always keep my distance
I know that I'm not the type to give hugs or kisses
I know that I tend to get negative at times

Being your only daughter
I know you have great expectation on me
I'm sorry that I haven't be able to fulfill even half of it
I'm trying and I will keep trying

Our thoughts and opinions are so different that we always ended up clashing with one another
It sadden me that I haven't be great enough for you when you're just so great to us
You've given up so many things for us
And I know that you'll keep giving up much more 

Being the only daughter, it would be normal if we both are close and get along well
I'm sorry that I don't know how to do that
I'm sorry that I never really pour my heart content
I'm sorry that I keep my feelings hidden and act indifferently
I'm sorry for saying words that I didn't mean
I'm sorry that I don't have the courage to share anything


No matter how different we both are
No matter how distance I am
I'm glad and thankful that you're my mother
And I won't even wish for someone else
I can't even imagine it

I will try to make you a little more happier 
I might not be like my brothers who are closer to you and tell you everything
There will be times where we will fight on the simplest thing
I might ended up dissapointing you or make you sad or worry


Because you are my mother
There are many things about me that resembles you
Whether it's a trait that I like or not
It is an inescapable fact that a part of you is in me and I will carry it till the day I die
Because we both are human and could be imperfect in some ways


The fact that you're my mother is perfect
You are the perfect mother for me

Thank you Mama
I Love You
So much that it hurts me when I hurt you
And it gives me joy whenever I come home and see you

Happy Mothers Day Mama
I Love You Forever

May 09, 2013

My Blog is Not My Blog

I started to create this blog in 2009 and the only thing that was on my mind at that time is for this blog to be a place where I can express and let everything out. But these days, the enthusiasm I had before seems like it's not here anymore. 

"Even when I feel like writing, I don't feel like writing."

Do you guys get this feeling?

It'll be just a few more days before we reach the half year mark for 2013. But from January until today, I've only published 7 posts and most of them are just short and simple.

The main reason why I starts to lose my interest is because I feel like my blog is not my blog anymore. The blogging community is expanding rapidly these days, and in our country especially,we have this trend to bash and ban another blogger who express their thought a bit differently from the majority.

There are a lot of example, but let me take the most discussed topic these days. 

"Malaysia 13th General Election"

I can see a gap between the pro-government blogger and pro-opposition party blogger. 
Take an example, let say there is a blogger that write something that lean to one side, there will always be another blogger or someone who would post a comment in response to the post in a total "ill-mannered" way.

Although one of the objective of blogging is to have a platform where individuals can express their thought and their readers can respond and react appropriately, but I find something a little bit hateful about some of bloggers or readers that never seems to consider that their words and action could actually hurt the writer emotionally.

It's not like I've been bash by someone, but I find this scenario a bit distasteful and I started to feel less excited about blogging.

Don't take me wrongly, I love writing. 
There is no way I would abandon this blog just because some unknown and anonymous starts to scrutinize and complain about my post. 
Considering that I'm not a famous blogger, this might be just a small problem. Imagine how those 
well-known bloggers cope and deal with some of their readers harsh and thoughtless comments.

I feel bad for them.

But, it still makes me feel a little bit worried.
Now I have to think 100x before posting about anything.
Even if it's about my own life and interest.

It's okay if you want to give your opinion , but you should mind your words. 
Being just  a 'keyboard warrior' won't take you anyway.

But hey, in another way around, this doesn't mean that you could write just anything in your blog on
 "It's My Blog, Suka Hati I Lah Nak Tulis Apa" basis.
Bloggers should be mindful when they want to post something, especially when the issue is considered sensitive.

Just because you have the freedom to express, it doesn't justify you to write anything without consideration.

The point here is to do everything in moderation.
And please consider about others.