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New Blog Design!

Hey Guise!! Anyone notice my blog has changed from black to purple?
Finally! I've managed to reconstruct my blog and change the design!! Yayy!

I actually finished the header a very looong~~ time ago *ehem, i mean about last january*
But I was so busy *and lazy* to actually spend time to change it.

But last Friday, I finally decided to change the looks!

If you notice, this one is a little softer and..*ehem* more feminine than the previous style.
Maybe since I've gotten older and more mature *snort at my own comment..bwahahha*

By the way, what do you think?
I stick to my usual layout and done it in the simplest way possible.

And ohh~ the background music, is 'Spanish Romance' piano cover.
Fyi, I've been learning to play this song with my brother guitar~ love the tune so much!

And ohh~~ I screenshot how the blog look when I browse using my SIII~^^
(but it was halfway done during that time-notice the header and quote on the side is still different)

Hahaha~~ Feels like I'm somewhere in Paris when I see the design. At first I wanted to use another background, but I saw this design in Blogger template and I totally love it! So I decided to throw the background I planned to use before and just proceed with this one.Huhu

But I wonder if the font style and size is easy to read. *It is easy for me*
What do you think??


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