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Thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me and taking care of me. 
Thank you for your nagging and thinking of what's best for me
Thank you for forgiving my mistakes 
Thank you for being there
Thank you for everything

I'm sorry that I haven't been good enough. 
I know that I'm lacking in so many areas
Yet you continue to keep your faith in me

I'm sorry for any dissapointment I've given you
I'm sorry for acting cold at times
I'm sorry for being stubborn and seldom agrees to anything you say

Among the three of us
I know that I'm the less expressive one
I know I always keep my distance
I know that I'm not the type to give hugs or kisses
I know that I tend to get negative at times

Being your only daughter
I know you have great expectation on me
I'm sorry that I haven't be able to fulfill even half of it
I'm trying and I will keep trying

Our thoughts and opinions are so different that we always ended up clashing with one another
It sadden me that I haven't be great enough for you when you're just so great to us
You've given up so many things for us
And I know that you'll keep giving up much more 

Being the only daughter, it would be normal if we both are close and get along well
I'm sorry that I don't know how to do that
I'm sorry that I never really pour my heart content
I'm sorry that I keep my feelings hidden and act indifferently
I'm sorry for saying words that I didn't mean
I'm sorry that I don't have the courage to share anything


No matter how different we both are
No matter how distance I am
I'm glad and thankful that you're my mother
And I won't even wish for someone else
I can't even imagine it

I will try to make you a little more happier 
I might not be like my brothers who are closer to you and tell you everything
There will be times where we will fight on the simplest thing
I might ended up dissapointing you or make you sad or worry


Because you are my mother
There are many things about me that resembles you
Whether it's a trait that I like or not
It is an inescapable fact that a part of you is in me and I will carry it till the day I die
Because we both are human and could be imperfect in some ways


The fact that you're my mother is perfect
You are the perfect mother for me

Thank you Mama
I Love You
So much that it hurts me when I hurt you
And it gives me joy whenever I come home and see you

Happy Mothers Day Mama
I Love You Forever


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