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January 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

Hey Guys~ ^^

It's time for my favorite playlists post! It's January 2014, and I find myself to be a bit drawn towards old songs! My phone kept playing songs which most of them was from my childhood time. Haha. Most of them are the OSTs for many dramas and animes that I used to watch when I was smaller.

And since it's semester break now, I took the liberty to watch some of the shows that left a big impression on me when I watched them for the first time. And guess what? It doesn't disappoint me at all.

Aha! I knew that my inner movie/drama/anime maniac won't let myself down.

Now lets us see the so called old songs!
By the way, I took my sweet time to include the video of each of the songs so you guys could listen to it faster :) 

And oh, there are several recent songs, but its still not as recent. Like I said in my previous playlists blogposts, I'm the type to stick to older songs like a glue. LOL! 
(And one more, this list doesn't have any sort of order. Because I can't choose which I like better than the other.)

1. Sunny Day Holiday - Narita's Divorce OST

Lemme explain here. I first watched this drama when I was still in elementary school. It was ran by TV3 if I correctly remember. And the tune of this song never really left me as I grow up. I don't know why its only now that I googled the songs. Finally, hah! Oh by the way, since the song is so old, its hard to find a better video than this. Enjoy!

2. Always Be With You - Kodomo No Omocha

  Okay, I first watched this anime a few years back. It wasn't considered as my childhood anime memory although its old enough to be called one. This is probably one of the anime which is so funny but seems real in so many ways. The main characters are mainly children (thus, the title kodomo which means kids) but it shows that even as kids these children have to face many difficulties that some adults have. There were family problems, dilemma, self discovery, heartbreak, and even maturity shown by these kids. It is the kind of show that will leave a big impression on you. And this song which was one of the ost, is so good! Idk why I love it so much, but re-watching the anime those bring back the memories! And to add a bit more, reading the manga is so worth my time that I decided to go and purchase a copy of the dvd for this series when I have some extra money.

3. Egao No Genki - Hime-chan No Ribbon

 This is one of the songs that I would definitely play when I'm feeling down. It's so upbeat, and it would cheer me up a lot. I really like the anime where this is the opening song. Hime-chan No Ribbon reminds me a lot of Cardcaptor Sakura. This anime is super old! It was first aired in 1992. Yeah, I was one year old at that time. Funny how I can like it even now. Hahaha. But really, a good show does transcend time. That what makes it so good right? The best phrase in this song for me is, "Genki Na Kimi Ga Suki" which translate roughly to "I like the cheerful you". It makes me to want to be cheerful all of the time, regardless of circumstances--because oh god, being adult is sure making you less cheerful in so many ways.

4. Shower of Tears - Baechigi ft Ailee

Alright, this song is definitely not that old. Maybe a year old? But sadly I just discovered it a few months back. It's good! Ailee's vocal definitely doesn't let me down. Though its less upbeat and a bit on the mellow side, I love it. My friends would call it 'Anis's type of song'. Hahaha, I can be very sentimental at times you know

5. Still You - Eunhyuk and Donghae

I should've include this song in the last Nov/Dec playlists but I don't know why I forgot to. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you'll know that I'm a HUGE fan of Super Junior. And this duo, which we SJ fans dubbed as Eunhae released this song last December. It's an upbeat yet a bit on the ballad-jazzy-ish side. I love it so much. Why don't you try it. You might like it too ^^

6.  Dark Horse - Katy Perry ft Juicy J

I discovered this song a few weeks ago. So sad right?! But its so so so good! It makes me taps my foot on the floor every time I listen to it. The music is just; can I say sexy? Yeah, it sounds so sexy. Haha

7. Snow Flower - Kyuhyun Cover

Okay, you could say that it's hard for me to not include Kyuhyun in my playlist. I barely left him out in my Nov/Dec lists. But what can I do? He is my favorite singer (read: ultimate bias) in the whole wide world. I'm exaggerating? Oh no honey, you have no idea then. :) The original singer is Park Hyo Shin, his version is good too, but my bias-ness does cloud my judgement a little. I have both version in my phone, but I tend to play Kyuhyun's cover a tad bit too much. Hihihi

8. Arjuna Beta - Fynn Jamal

If you follow Fynn Jamal on her instagram, you'll see that a few days ago she posted a clip of her song in one of her instavideo. It was played on one of the local radio, hotfm a few days go. It's so good! I tried searching for the full one, but I can only find the raw version which Fynn Jamal posted on her youtube channel. The song was written for her son Bakti Arjuna Fitri, which she adopted. She wanted to show the world and her son that no matter what, her love for him is true. And it really touched my heart. The song is so deep and the melody is really classic.

Well, that's it for this month playlist favorites. See you guys again in my next post!
Have a good day. Toodles~!


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