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Etude Vivid Pop Stick #2 #6 #8: Swaches and Review

 I've been wanting to do a review on this Etude House products for the longest time but I kept putting it off for some reasons. Finally,since my exam has finally over I got to take a little time to do a quick review on this cute and awesome product!

I started to get obsessed with matte lipstick not too long ago. And the one that started it is this awesome baby called Etude Vivid Pop Stick.


No 2. This Love (pink undertone)
No 6. Girls on Top (orange undertone)
No 8. Crazy in Love (my personal favorite!)

No 2. This Love

No 6. Girls on Top
*I mistakenly applied this one a bit sheer. Sorry! The real shade can be compared on the swatches above*

No 8. Crazy in Love

I have listed down my personal opinion on this product in term of pros and cons. In overall, for me its a very good product and worth my money for it.

The Pros:

- Super pigmented! I love how I can build up the colour on my lips from sheer to very bright using the same shade. 
- It also leave stains on the lips, which means even when after I eat or even wiping it out with tissue there is still some shade left! And I really like it for that.
- Stays on long
- Cute packaging! How can you not love this girly cute tube.

The Cons:

- A bit drying. It's one tiny downside of it. But I managed to solve it with just applying lip balm on just before I put it on.
- A little pricey. The price for one pop stick is about RM50++. So its a little unconvincing for me to buy at first. But after buying one, I ended up going and buy another two.

 Well, that's all for this review. Toodles!


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