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Top Three Products I Would Love to Purchase at Mesmerize!

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There are so many things I have on my beauty wishlist that I don't even know if I would ever have enough time to buy it all in one go. And going to shopping mall takes too much effort and money! And some products doesn't even sell in our country. Luckily, in this 'shopping in the clouds' era, all I have to do is to find a perfect place to browse and shop online! This way, I can take my time browsing and choosing! And I don't have to worry about transportation money etc.

Introducing Mesmerized Online with many awesome products available for you to buy!
Mesmerize started with a Facebook page and now finally launched their online website for their customer.
Their products ranging from ELF Cosmetics, MUA - Makeup Academy, NYX Cosmetics and many more!
And guess what?! They also take pre-orders for some products.

I've been 'ogling around' their new website and listed down the 'Top 3 Products I Would Definitely Want to Try' in the future.

1. Sam's Picks - Real Techniques Makeup Brush Set

I've been 'eye-ing' this one for quite a long time but I kept on delaying my purchase considering my financial status as student. But this set is definitely in my 'to buy' list in 2014.

2. Physician's Formula - Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow and Liner

At RM54.75, I could get these awesome shades! It's such a bargain. There are two type of application, Dry and Wet. Dry is more subtle, while wet application gives out a more dramatic look.

3. MUA 144 Piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette (Neutral).

I don't know if I have a thing for a nude eye shadows, but this palette is so awesome I literally can't take my eyes away from it. At RM110, you could get 144 shades? That is like less than RM1 for one shade!

 One more thing, I have a 5% discount code for my readers exclusively from MesmerizeOnline.
There is no minimum purchase, and you can use this code for unlimited time until 28th February 2014.
Just type in 'ALIMAN5' at the end of your purchase and voila! 

So what are you waiting for, heads off to now !


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