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When My Dad Decided To Spice Up Our Saturday.

Hey guys,

This is not a very fun post actually. But I just feel the need to rant here. Yesterday, my dad shocked us when he called my mom saying that he got into an accident. I was seriously worried and was a little panic because he wasn't driving the car but the motorcycle instead.

I mean, my dad and motorcycle accident...
Things had happened before and I really hope it won't be as bad as that one.

In the end, the car driver *the one who stupidly break and turn without giving signal* sent my dad to the hospital (with my mom accompanying him). They went to picked up my mom at our home first because my mom work in General Hospital and my dad insisted to go there. Mom told us she ended up doing the stitching job because the medical assistance who was doing it doesn't really do a great job. *my mom is a senior nurse*

And in the end dad came home with a crescent moon shape stitches (LOL we ended up laughing a little about that since the panic has passed)

But seriously, I wanna just stop dad from driving his motorcycle ever again. But I know he wouldn't budge.
I just hope that motorcycle is beyond repairable (the front is badly damaged). And speaking of the damage, the driver who hit my dad just handed him RM100 for compensation. I know, seriously?! WTH could be done with just that much amount of money? Huh, I wished I was with dad when he gave that money. I'll definitely give him a piece of my mind.

I know that accident can happen everywhere, but giving just that much amount to the person you hit due to your own fault? Totally not cool man. But whatever, at least he took dad and mom to the hospital and waited until the end. Since dad want us to be forgiving, I guess there is nothing I could do anymore. It's just my frustration talking here.

 So now, my dad is recovering at home. Thankfully there were no broken bones. Just wounds.
And he actually went shopping with my mom this morning *rolled eyes*

So let me end this post with a reminder intended for myself and all of you.
PLEASE, When you drive your car, in every intersection especially, when you want to turn, please turn on your signal and do a quick glance on the side mirror.

Well, that's all then. I'll be back with a more cheerful post next time.


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