February 08, 2014

Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part 1.

Hey peeps! 
As promised in previous post, I finally got the chance to update on my short trip.

At the end of last month (30 and 31 Jan), I went for a short trip with my old friends from boarding school. The three of us were room mates during our first and second year in boarding school, and we were attending another room mate's wedding! Aisha (the bride) moved to another school in the middle of our second year, so it has been awhile since four of us gather together. It's been almost 7 years I think. And making it even more special, this year is the 10th year since the four of us first met each other! We were 13 at that time, and now we're already turning 23 :)

Oh by the way, on the first day of our trip which also happened to be my 23rd birthday and one day before Chinese New Year, we spent most of the time on the bus. It was a VERY LONG journey. Almost 12 freaking hours! *Due to holiday*. We depart from Kajang bus station at 8.30.

By the way, I slept over at my bestfriend, Yana's home the night before since my house is far from Kajang.

*Me and Azi: Reunion after 3 years*

When we arrived at the Kota Bharu Bus Terminal when the sun almost down completely. After getting the rent car which we booked  a day before, the three of us were searching for a place to have dinner.Being utterly exhausted at that time (and me a bit nauseous due to the double decker bus), we finally decided to head off to Pantai Cahaya Bulan where we figured would be the perfect place to look for good restaurant (as it being the local attraction spot). It was really dark, so we couldn't see the sea at all. But the sound of the waves was enough to make us feeling a little better.

For dinner, we ordered Thai food; Seafood Tom Yam, Fried Kailan Ikan Masin, and some Udang and Sotong Goreng Tepung. The Tomyam was a bit 'Mehh' for me since I've tasted better Tom Yam here in KL, but the Sotong Goreng Tepung was so good!


I Never really liked Sotong Goreng Tepung but this was so good! Or is it because I was hungry? LOL*

After dinner, despite the fact that we already full, we bought some steamed fresh Lokan, a grilled Corn, and some Sata (which I don't like). And the took some selcas at the beach, even with all the darkness and mosquitos and our horrible oily faces.

*From left: Yana, Me, and Azi*

 See? I told you! I don't even bother to edit this picture, we looked like we just came back from a camping or something. Oily skin? Checked. Dark Circles? Checked. Untidy appearance? Checked. :P

But I really like how happy we looked in this selca. So it even out the horribleness of it. Haha

Ohh by the way, almost every time I travel or go somewhere with my best friend Yana, there will always be something funny happened.

Like this time, the car we rented was filled with baby cockroaches at the back seat. Thank God we just realized it on our way to my aunt house to stay for the night. We bought the insect killing spray and used up almost half of it spraying the whole car that night. 

Finding my aunt house wasn't that hard because I went to Kelantan six month prior to the trip with my family. The only happening that night was when the driving wasn't smooth at all due to stupid driving of some people, The whole journey to Kok Lanas was, i don't know how to say this-- almost scary. I can't even remember all of them because there was too much.  There was one time when a car from the opposite direction just drove his/her car on our lane. That car was trying to take over three car in front but he/she was too late. Thank God we realized what happened and Yana steered our car away from the sudden confusion.

We arrived at my aunt's very late. It was probably pasts midnight. 

After we cleaned up, and ate my aunt's signature Jelly Kelapa *which I absolutely love despite the fact that I don't even like tJelly Kelapa* Hers is probably the only Jelly Kelapa that I like. Hahaha.

We fell asleep around 2.30 am, but unfortunately it was a light sleep. The mosquitoes were killing us!
I woke up around 7.00 am, and found Azi and Yana already wide awake.

It was the second and also last day of our trip (we can't stay longer because of conflicting schedules), and we spent the morning talking and getting ready for the wedding.

But, I'll tell about that in the part 2 soon.

So, until next post , toodles! ♥

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