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Secrets to 'Fangirling' Effectively.

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I've been focusing in beauty post lately that I've forgotten to give some love on my other obsession, which is being a fan girl. Despite some skeptical views on fan girls nowadays, to people who truly understand, being a fan girl is such a time indulging matter. Therefore, only people with real interest would be able to handle this.

No joke.

It doesn't matter what kind of fan girl are you. You could be 'fangirl'-ing over your favourite bands, your favourite animes, your favourite books, or your favourite actors or even actresses.

The point is to 'fangirl' effectively.

As I've mentioned above, being a fan girl would consume so much of your time, and even money.
I for once, are crazy over anything related to Super Junior and Harry Potter.
Based on my pasts 'fangirl'-ing experience over Super Junior and being a Potterhead, there are some know hows that you need to know in order to make sure your 'fan girl'-ing activities doesn't disrupt your real life.

For examples, I've meet so many of my fellow SJ fan girls who does very well in their schools, universities, and even at work. They spent so much time on fan girls activities, yet managed to gloriously prove others that a fan girl is not some one you should be looking down at. People should stop stereotyping every one and kept saying that people in fandom does not have a bright future.

The secret is how you do it.

So let's us get to the point of this post.

How to Fangirl Effectively
(or Fanboy)

1. Plan your day ahead.

You need to be a planner in order to make sure all your fan girl activities doesn't disrupt the quality of your life and work. Like what I said above, 'fangirl'-ing could take up a lot of your time. Searching for the latest news related to the subject(s) of your interest, watching any videos or fancams on youtube, reading fanfics, downloading new CF pictures. Without perfect planning, you could be drowned in a vortex where you'll forget the time subconsciously. Heck, even planning a day before is too risky. You should plan a week or a month ahead to make sure you won't be too caught up in everything at once. Set up certain time for your fan girl activites, and time for managing your real life. This way you can do both without any worries.

2. Never procrastinate.

If you're a huge procrastinator, you'll end up stressing out every time your work deadline is nearing. One of the good stuffs I've learned over all these years of 'fangirl'-ing is that there is nothing good about delaying things. You need to finish all of your work as early as you can so that the remaining time of your day could be dedicated to your fan girl activities. Staying up late is like a normal thing for a fan girl. But staying up late for your fangirl'-ing activities while having a pile of work and deadlines are just the worst thing ever.

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3. Save your money ahead of time

One of the worst situation that could happen to fan girl is when there is suddenly a new merchandise being released, or a new tour coming ahead. If you don't have spare money or just don't have savings, you'll end up biting your nails when your fellow fan girls started showing off their latest collection of new albums and merchandises.Or just that precious piece of ticket for the upcoming concert/fan meeting, with of course the best seating they could get. This point strongly relate with the first rule, which is planning. If you're a good planner, you will always cast aside some back up money just in case there is a sudden concert announcement. You need to know that concert or fan meeting tickets could sold out just in a blink of eye so emergency secret stash of funds are just required.

4. Excellent internet connection and computer memory

Having these are just a must. There is a huge difference between having super high speed internet line vs. crappy connections. A lot of time could be saved if you have good internet connection. Downloading stuffs are just like breathing when it comes to 'fangirl'-ing, thus bring us to the second crucial thing, a huge memory storage. A gigabytes sized external hard disk is just not enough. We now need a terabyte sized storage. In this high definition and blue rays era, its just impossible to not have those in our hands.

5. Fit and have a great lung capacity

Screaming and running around are just normal. If you're not tough enough, you'll definitely collapse while 'fangirl'-ing. In order to catch a glimpse of your favourite person or band, queuing up is like eating or drinking. For example, buying the most expensive rock pit ticket doesn't assure you the perfect view of stage.You have to earn it to enjoy it. Queuing early in the morning on the concert day is just normal. That is the only way to get the best area for watching. Numbered seating tickets? It's just the same. Although you have to suffer a bit earlier. To get the most front and best seating, queuing up early on ticket presale event is normal. Thus, you definitely have to be fit enough for all of that.

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6. Don't take others comments personally

There is a fine line between being a crazy overly obsessive fan girl and an intelligent one. In order to be categorized as an intelligent fan girl, you have to be open to others judgement towards the subject of your affection. Not everyone thinks alike, and there will always be some people in this world who could never understand your love or dedication. Some might just talk behind your back, but the existence of judgmental haters are just unavoidable.There is a saying that's quite well known that should always be remembered.

"The fans define the fandom"

  Criticism is there in order for people to improve. Never take it too personally. You could always debate and defend yourself but make sure you're doing it properly. Shouting around, cursing and bad mouthing others would make you just the same. In the end, you'll always feel uncomfortable in telling others about your fandom. And that would definitely take away all the fun, don't you think?

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Well, there are others know how that you'll get to learn while being a fan girl. But these six are most essential in order to make sure your 'fangirl'-ing experience is a happy one.

So, what fandom are you in? Share it with me in the comment below!

Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


  1. Wow, I didn't know about this before. Now, baru lah I paham. As long as pandai bahagikan masa. :)

  2. @Scha Nazri I didn't know it either before. You could say I learned it the hard way. :)

  3. Hai Anis, Ika here. I'm addicted to Running Man and Korean Drama. Tapi x adsicted sangat dengan pelakon korea :D

  4. @Miss Ika Hi Ika^^ Well, what got me into KPOP is actually K-Drama. I'm just hopeless when it comes to their drama. Haha


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