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Dayre: Taking Rants to A Whole New Level!

I've always feel like ranting too much about my daily life on blogger is just not my style. The best place to me is just by tweeting. Because rants to me are just excerpts of random stuffs that happened to me in a day that is not worth mentioning here but still felt like sharable.

So when I discover Dayre for the first time, its like a breath of fresh air.

What I like about Dayre is its minimalistic design with just the perfect navigation menu.Its like a combination of a blog, a twitter and instagram accounts in one place.I love how it gets compiled into one post per day regardless of how many time you're updating.

The hash tags features is nice and I just love all the emoticons available. I wish there will be more soon
Even though it was last year when I first discovered Dayre (through blogger Xiaxue), it was early this year that I finally made an account.

People are still unfamiliar about this app but I have a feeling that this type of micro blogging will be more popular as time pass by. But, no matter how I love Dayre. I don't think it would be able to completely overcome the popularity of blogs (blogger, wordpress etc)
 The difference between Dayre and Blogger to me is that Dayre gives off a more personal feel while Blogger is more 'formal-like'.

The only thing that I don't really like about Dayre is its following timeline updates. Its just less efficient and not very organized.

But still, I think people should give it a chance. Despite my bias-ness towards Blogger, I still find Dayre fun to update. In fact, it is just so easy to update on Dayre!

So, do anyone of you have a Dayre account? What do you think about it?
 So far I don't know anyone who have Dayre around me.

Feel free to check on my Dayre! You can view it both from PC or phone/tablet.

And don't forget to say hi!

Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


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