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Review: Bag of Love (January Edition)

I got chosen as one of the reviewer for the January edition of 'Bag of Love' under the Butterfly Project community, and received the bag last Saturday. I came across Bag of Love ever since they first released their first debut bag last year, but somehow I never sign up one for myself. I don't know why!For those who are still unfamiliar about this Bag of Love, it is actually similar to other beauty box brands in Malaysia, but instead of using 'boxes' they opted a greener, earth friendly method by replacing the boxes to bags.

Isn't that a genius idea!That way we don't only get a package full of surprises, but also got to use the bag as well. New cute bag for every subscription, sounds like a marvelous idea right?Their previous bags contained a lot of awesome products, and can be viewed on the Bag of Love website under the 'The Bag' tab. There is also a 'Special Bag' tab that show the previously released special bags under Bag of Love.

The subscription method is bi-monthly, and the price is RM39.90 (you need to add RM8 for East Malaysia). Each bag will carry 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products ranging from haircare, skincare, body care, makeup, nail products and fragrances.Not only just that, for every purchase RM1 will be going to Bag of Love fund and you can also join in to decide how the fund is going to be used by following their Facebook page.

January Edition

The January edition carries a 'New Year, New You' theme, and the bag used for it is a cute canvas tote bag. To be honest, when I first received the bag from the Butterfly Project crew, I was a bit shocked to find how good quality the canvas bag is! The material of the bag is strong, and I even ended up stuffing my shopping purchases into the bag that day and there were still a lot of space to be filled up.

 In the bag, there were a total of 10 products from 5 different brands which are from the Etude House, Uber Men, Wella Proffessional, Alqvimia and King of Masks.

1. Etude House Wonder Pore Trial Kit

I'm so happy to find this cute trial kit in this bag! I'm such a huge fan of Etude House products and I've been considering to buy this skincare range from Etude House due to its huge popularity and good reviews. But I kept on delaying my purchase because I thought that it would be such a waste to buy a full sized product before knowing my skin compatibility with it. So it's such a perfect timing for having this in this bag! The trial set contains three small size trial product which are the Wonder Pore Freshner, the Wonder Pore Clay Clear and the Aloe Moistful Soothing Gel.

2. Wella Professional Enrich Duo Trial Set

This is also a brand that I've never got the chance to try, so I'm very happy when I saw the bright orange bottles in my bag. The duo, a moisturizing shampoo and a moisturizing treatment are for dry and damaged hair so I can't wait to try how good it works on my hair!

3. Uber Mean Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect

This product was actually totally out of my expectation since it didn't even crossed my mind that I'll be getting a man product in the bag. I believe that this is a full size product, and it double as a cleaner and toner! Planning to give this to my brother or my dad later. I kind of liking the idea of both cleanser and toner in one product. Because seriously, I can't even picture the men in our house putting on toner after cleansing. They tend to like the quick and fast method instead. 

4. Alqvimia Trio Oil

I've received the exact trio in the Lilac Box last year, but I don't mind getting it again. The three trial bottles contain body oils for cellulite and body shaping so I'm happy to have more of it on my hand.
There are the Body Sculptor body oil, the Shape Reducer body oil and also the Anti-Cellulite body oil.

5. King of Mask All in One Ocean Collagen Mask

I love getting mask and this is a brand that I've never tried before! Planning on using it tonight so I'll see if I'll be repurchasing this myself next time.Well, actually I'm already half convinced at the 'collagen' word!

6. Discount Vouchers

For this bag, I got two discount vouchers which are from and Strip. RM20 off for purchasing at MrLens website and also a RM30 discount for purchasing any a la carte waxing service at Strip, both vouchers are just too good to be ignored! *terms and condition applies*

There is also a small card introducing the products in this edition, and a few words from the Bag of Love.

In overall, I'm liking all the products included in this first bag of 2014. The re-subscription value based on this bag for me is 4.5/5.0. That means the probability of returning for another bag is quite high!

So, if you're interested to be getting the next Bag of Love or to learn more about this awesome deal, head off to their website or Facebook page below.

Facebook Page: Bag of Love

Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


  1. wahhh best la dpt gi spa ikan n dpt BAg of love ni :D. Hopefully boleh join tapi rumah Di PEnang susah la nak join even:(

  2. @Miss Ika RIGHT?! Kalau x boleh jumpa kan ^^ Maybe someday. Ika x selalu turun KL ke?


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