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February 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

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I'm back with my favorite playlist for February 2014! Let me be honest, I haven't been listening to much songs this February because I stayed at home most of the time. If you've been reading the past playlist posts,  I always say that I listen to music mostly during my commute to class. 

Since I'm on a break now, that explains why my 'most played' playlist on my Samsung S3 haven't changed much from last month's list.

So I decided to make this month playlist favorite a 'LOEN Special'
Means, new songs from LOEN Youtube Channel that I love!!! (Now called 1theK..bad renaming right?)
And that means, this list is all Korean songs. 

Sorry guys! 
My obsession to Korean songs are just unstoppable!

*this is in no particular order*

Definitely a group to watch. As a rookie group, their stage manner and confidence are just amazing. They're so good visually and vocally too. I would probably love them even more after this, the first single is already this amazing!

Gain from Brown Eye Girls is so charismatic. I love her ever since her WGM in Jo Kwon. And she's so petite and sexy. This song is so good. The storyline is quite disturbing but I kinda like how she touches issue that not many would even mention about.

 This actually come with a web drama! And of course Seo In Guk is just marvelous.
 But the song itself is so good. Melody Day should be getting more attention. I already like it when Melody Day sang Master's Sun OST

 I might be bias. Probably. But I always love T-Ara style of music. Despite all of the past rumors and scandals etc. I still like them!

This is a bubbly song. Lim Kim voice is masterpiece as always! Just listen to the first line, you'll definitely be able to recognize her voice. Its so distinct and unique. And the actress is just so cute. I recognize her from many dramas and movie.

This might sounds overrated but I don't have any IU song that I don't like. She's really a versatile artist.
Her concepts are always refreshing. This song is relaxing and just prefect to listen to with a cup of coffee in your hand.

 Yayy! Another song with KWill voice in it ;) 
This song is very upbeat, and a bit retro-ish(?) and I really like it. Again, it's KWill right?
And I like that he always do collaboration with other artists too. Haha

I've been loving Sunny Hill ever since I discovered their song Pray. They are just amazing, with awesome vocals and unique songs. This song is slower than usual but it's still the type of song I would listen while doing something else. Ikr, most people listen to upbeat songs, but I like listening to slow songs when I'm focusing on something else.

I first watch this video because Song Ji Hyo is in it. But I am pleasantly surprised by how good this song. I'll probably be listening to this for a very long time. That's how much I like it! And the Spanish narration is just a good idea. Love love this!

This song reminds me a lot of SISTAR's Lonely. Not in the song, but the concept overall. But, it's undeniable that this song can make you addicted after a few times listening.

Well, that's all. 
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ

P/s: This is a quick update, and I don't exactly check my grammars and structures so please understand if my words sounded weird.

P/p/s: So is there anything here that suit to your liking? And please share your current fav songs with me so I can listen to it too. No language barrier, as long it is good ;D


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