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Unboxing: BH Cosmetic Haul from MySale

I was so excited when I received my BH cosmetics haul on my door step. Ehem..well actually it was my dad who received that on behalf of me, but "Yayyy!" nonetheless. I've been waiting like crazy for this parcel because I've always wanted to try BH cosmetics stuffs before. ;D

A little bit about BH Cosmetics , its a cosmetic company from USA that sells products ranging from makeups and beauty tools. I've been wanting to try them for so long, and finally I got the chance to. My next wishlist is probably their acrylic makeup organizer, but I probably should just buy Muji one here. Haha. Their online website do provide international shipping, but the cost is just too much.

My Purchase

I was about to splurge more but my 'responsible' side managed to persuade me to not doing so. So I just got myself two items which are a 12 pieces Berry Brush Set (RM30, original price 24.95 US Dollar around RM82 )  and also a 10 Color Glamorous Blush Palette (RM25, original price 16.95 US Dollar around RM56 ).

 Parcel Arrival

The order was placed on 25 January 2014, and the latest estimation of arrival date was on the 4th of April. But I received it on the 24th February! I expected it to take longer time but it didn't. Which is really great!

The Packaging

I was a bit worried about my parcel and was scared if the blush inside might broke. But thankfully, the parcel arrived in excellent condition and MySale staffs did a great job in packaging. The envelope has a bubble wrap inside so my stuffs were safe.

And tadaa!! The long awaited makeup brush set and the blush palette arrived. Curious about the inside and the swatches? I will do a separate review on both products later on so wait for it! (^3<)v
Till then~ toodles!♥ミ


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