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Kelantan 1N2D Trip! Part. 2

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Okay, I know I should've continue the part one of my Kelantan trip earlier than this, but I kept putting it off. But hey, I'm here to continue now. 

So where were we?
Oh yeah, day two!

Well our agenda on that day was to attend Aisha's wedding, then go to buy some souvenirs (read: foods, snacks) at Pasar Siti Khadijah and then go back to Pantai Cahaya Bulan again to take some pictures, and lastly to return the car at the airport and board our plane to go back to KL.

Now making story short, that morning we spent about two hours getting ready, and packing our stuffs before going to the bride's house. I bid my aunt goodbye and we were off to the wedding's venue. It wasn't such a difficult journey on the way (thanks to GPS of course!), but we did got confused trying to look for Aisha's house. But after a phone call and circling the area twice, we finally arrived.

*in front of bride's house with Azi*

 *and with Yana! sigh, even with those shoes, i'm still a lot shorter*

It was about 11.30 am I think, and there were already a lot of guests. I guess its because the wedding was on Friday, and the guys would have to go to Friday prayer that afternoon, half of the guests already came soon after the 'akad nikah' ends.

Since our friend was busy entertaining the guests we stayed for quite long before we got to catch up. And all that follow after that was selcas and pictures.

*room mate reunion!*

*our pretty friend!*

 *me and Aisha*

*with my tall best friend! yana♥*

*selca at bride's room*

*selca(s) with Azi*

*me sneaking and taking alone selfie..hihi*

We spent a few hours waiting for another friend to arrive. And finally took some final pictures together before leaving.

We left around 3PM and went somewhere to change our clothes. We were soaked because it was so hot that day so thankfully we have another change of cloth, and also there was no way I'm going to the beach wearing baju kurung. Haha

We stopped at Pasar Siti Khadijah to buy some serunding and some other things. I think because it was Chinese New Year day, there were some shops that were closed that day.

While Yana was shopping some things for her mom, I saw this uncle selling a very interesting looking ice-cream on his motorcycle, and I decided to try some.

Well, the taste was not bad. But it was fun to see him making the ice-cream, the stuffs he put in it was endless. We were like "when is he going to stop putting more stuffs in that cup?"

And after that, we went to PCB again because we want to take some pretty pictures.
We also bought some Lokan (actually 3 bags of it), a grilled corn, some otak-otak and drank coconut juice and ate it while facing the sea. 
It was amazing!!

*one of my favourite picture taken by Yana, me eating lokan*

*selca(s) with Yana*

And Yana bought a kite for us to take pictures with. 
Haha, we always buy props when we want to take pictures!

So enjoy looking at some of the pictures here!

*pretty background isn't it?*

*i was pretty excited at that time actually*

*Azi being excited ;P*

*us being excited*

*again, us being excited*

*it has been awhile since i fly a kite!*

*and our last selca together before leaving to the airport*

We finally make our move to the airport around 7PM.
And we arrived in KL almost around midnight.

I slept at Yana's house again that night and went home the next day. It was a short gateway but fun! I love that we got to catch up on each others stories (well, except me and Yana since we met so often!)
Hope to have this kind of girls trip again!

Well, that's all to share now.
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


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