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Happy International Women Day!

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OMG, I thought I've published this but I didn't. So I decided to just post it today. Its a shame to not post it after all. Hihi. So I guess, Happy Belated International Women Day?


It's 8th March today and that means it's the International Women Day! I posted on my Instagram this morning wishing every women to always be passionate, empowered and most importantly to be happy.
It's not like I have an extreme feminism or anything, but I really feel women deserve to have a happy life. 

And the most important reason to that is, because most of women, are also mothers.
And mothers deserve every recognition that could be given in this world.

But in order to live a happy life you also have to be stress free. Therefore I thought it'll be good to drop a few tips on how to live a stress free life that I saw on a website article (it's more of a short summary):

1. Have enough sleep
2. Take care of your health
3. Maintain your relationship (With friends and family)
4. Focus on your work/studies
5. Have a good love relationship
6. Let your feelings/thoughts out
7. Just relax
8. Learn to love (or just ignore them)
9. Exercise
10. Accept yourself
11. Don't take things personally.
12. Don't wait until the last opportunity

Well, if you want to read more, click here to go to the website.

Have a good day
Till next post, toodles! ♥ミ


  1. this is amazing! international women's day was exciting. plus the fact that March 8 is also my birthday! <3 <3 i wish you success and love!

  2. @Wynne Prasetyo wishing you a happy belated birthday dear :) and thanks for dropping by!


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