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Growing Up with My Blog

Okay, I wasn't planning to write anything tonight. 
But I was reading back my previous posts from the past years since I started blogging, and I found that the posts I made each year does reflect my age at the time I wrote them.
And also reflect how I felt about those years.

I know how blog is like your public diary, but after all these years of blogging, with ups and down, hiatus everywhere, and different type of posts, I really could say that this is something I'll always want to do in my life.

The first year of my blogging, all the posts sounded and looked so childish, it makes me wanna jump and hide somewhere.

 My first post title was written like this:

" ..PrOuDly PReSeNt.. "

OMG! What was that?!
Mix of capital and small letters?
It's actually one of my pet peeves now.

It's not until February 2010 that I actually stopped writing like that. 
I guess I matured a little already.

I was quite active blogging in 2010 and 2011 (based on my all time records), with the highest number of posts in 2011. And during that time, my KPOP update was so often because Super Junior made a comeback for their 5th album which was Mr Simple. 

Coincidentally, I was on a break during that time, so I guess that was one of the reason why I have more than 100 posts in August 2011 itself. 

I'm still quite excited about anything Super Junior nowadays, but with hectic life, even my fan girl side need to be suppressed sometimes.

2012 and 2013 was a little rough, I was so stressed about my studies in university (I couldn't catch up well with my major), so I didn't update enough. Just once in awhile to release my stress. That's why during that time period (especially around 2012 till early 2013) 'emo' posts tend to be published. 

Well, I started to 'get on my feet' on second half of 2013. It wasn't as stressful as before.
And I've slowly picked up my blogging pace again.

Now in 2014, almost five years having this blog, I really want to make it become alive again.
Not only with many posts, but also with a good quality of writing.

Wish me luck!

Well, that's all for this sudden rant. 
Till next post~ toodles! ♥ミ


  1. Waa you've been blogging for so long! Good luck in making your blog alive again. Hehe.

  2. same here. bila tgk balik first post. entah apa2 plak di tulisnye huhu

  3. @NabilahThank you :) I hope too. But since internship started, all I did after going home is sleep.


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