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Get To Know Your Skin: Asian Skin Type

Hey lovelies,

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We usually knows that skin type can be divided into normal, dry, oily, combination (normal and oily) and combination (oily and dry)

When we're choosing skincare products we're usually concentrating only on the factor above, but do you know that difference in ethnicity also affect our skin type and condition? Based on that reason, I've done a little bit of reading from multiple sources to get to know more about Asian skin structure and condition. So, let's look at what I've compiled for your reading.

You first need to know, genetically our skin are different from people on the Western region. This difference makes us have different skin concern compared to them. It is very important to have knowledge in this so that we can avoid purchasing unsuitable products for our skin.I decided to make it in points so that you can understand easier on Asian skin;

        * Melanin is natural skin pigment that protect from UV damage
        * Cause skin to appear darker(yellower) than Caucasian.
        * More photo-protective pigment melanin
* Higher melanin contain does contribute to some of Asian skin problem (eg: pigmentation)


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        * Skin contains higher concentration of collagen than Western skin type therefore slower rate
        * Thicker dermal layer
        * Sudden appearance of tiny freckles usually signals starts of ageing process (usually mid 30s)

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        * Caused by thinner stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin)
        * Extremely sensitive to environmental factors
        * PH balance easily disrupted

* Less prone to diseases caused by sun exposure
* Less prone to get sunburn, but easily got tan

        * Asian skin produce more PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
* TIPS: Use sunscreen, and use product with gentle brightening properties in your 20s

        * Scars and brown patches from physical injury/chemical/surgical light doesn't heal easily
        * Need greater care during acne breakout
        * TIPS: Use emulsion oil or vitamin E to heal scars

        * Highest Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)
        * TEWL is amount of water vapor lost through skin under non-sweating condition
        * This increase level of permeability
        * Need to take care more on skin hydration
        * TIPS: Use moisturizer high in water binding ingredients (eg: hyaluronic acid)

        * Has more sebaceous gland: oilier than Caucasian skin type
        * Also due to climate and weather condition
        * Cause skin get clogged easily
        * TIPS: Exfoliate once or twice a week
        * TIPS: Avoid harsh products that strip away your natural skin lipids

Based on the information above, you should know what to avoid when purchasing your skincare products next time right? I might make a part 2 of this post soon to talk about the best skincare products and regime for Asian skin soon. As much as we need to have great products, we also need to have a good skincare regime. Too much or too little would not be that good for our skin either

For example, Han Ga In a famous South Korean actress who have very beautiful skin despite her age. She's in her 30s and already married now but I feel like she looked even younger than me -__-". When she was filming her drama 'Moon Embracing The Sun' there were times where she didn't get to wash her face even when its been almost 36 hours already, and her skin started to deteriorate, and she mentioned that she don't mind harsh filming schedule but she hoped she at least got to wash her face. So, another tips for today is too make sure you don't makeup too long, and wash it properly!Well, there will be more in part two, but I hope you learned new information from this post.

Till then, toodles~! ♥ミ

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