April 22, 2014

[Event]Matis Paris Beauty Expert: Brand Launching at Secret Garden, KL

Hello lovelies,

Last week, I was invited to the Matis Paris Professional Skincare brand launching in Malaysia along with some other bloggers from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. The event which was held in Secret Garden (next to Passion Road) was to introduce the Matis Paris products line. This is the first time for Matis Paris to enter Malaysia's beauty salon market which explain why most of us haven't really heard about them, but the brand itself has an extensive history around the world for 75 years.

*Launching Area*

Founded by Eugene Mavromati, a chemist who specialized in cosmetics formulation, this brand started their journey in 1936 through the creating of Matis own formulation laboratory. Now, this prestigious beauty salon brand are available in 70 countries!

*Ryan host of the day*

The event was hosted by Ryan and we were introduced to some of the backbone of Matis Malaysia, and also to the special guest Miss Alexia who came directly from France to explain about the products in Matis brand line.
*Miss Alexia; she got really nice skin!*

Matis Paris strongly hold on their philosophy which is to be a scientific and technical brand which could help their clients in solving and responding correctly to their skin problems. Therefore, each line from Matis are called Réponse which means Response.

In order to formulate the best products, Matis created some fundamentals for brand to follow in every creation of new products.

Fundamentals of Matis:

- Specific and Patented formulas
- High Definition active ingredients
- Creative R&D laboratory
- Performance of their product
- Result of the skin/texture/fragrance/pleasure/comfort

The brand contains 12 different Réponse line which are created to respond differently to various skin problems.


The six above are the lines that were displayed on that day.

Response Corrective :
To correct expression line and signs of aging

    Response Purete :
 For all combination or oily skin that wants to recover balance and purity.

    Response Jeunesse :  
Preventive anti-ageing line, helps preserve and prolong the skin’s youth potential.

 Response Delicate :  
A specific line of moisturising and nourishing skincare products for all sensitive or reactive skin.

 Response Vitalite :  
A line dedicated to tired skin lacking radiance and in need of regeneration.

Response Premium :
Matis Skincare from Caviar

*From left: Director of Matis Malaysia Katherine Yu,
Marketing Director Sam Yu, and Penny.*

We also were given testimonial from Matis Malaysia brand ambassador, Penny who has tried and personally experience the effectiveness of the brand herself. She explained that after using, it gives out tremendous result and improves her skin condition excellently.

*Lunch Area*

We were being served buffet lunch after the introduction ceremony. There were varieties of menu available like nasi lemak, aglio olio pasta, fried chicken, variety of salad with dressing etc, but since I'm still undergoing my HCG Diet (read more here) I can only drool looking at most of the food. The indoor dining area is feels very private, and cozy. No wonder so many garden weddings has already took place here.

I also got the chance to meet so many people that day. I was a bit 'starstruck-ed' by some of them since I've been reading their blog since as long as I can remember; like Innanie Ariffin and Jenn Gorgeous. I had a great time chatting with others like Miriam, Janice and Charmaine. Everyone was so nice and friendly.

We also received some trial products and also full size(!) products from the goodie bag, which I hope I'll remember to review soon.

Still busy with internship, but I'll try to do is as soon as I can ^^

*Ending post with picture of own self ;P*

Matis Paris will be available in participating beauty salon soon, so keep your eye on Matis Malaysia FB Page. To know more about this awesome brand, you can check it out there too:

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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