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Summing Up My March ~(Literally)

It's already the fourth month of 2014. Almost a third of the year already. Time flew by so fast.
There are a lot of reviews that are still pending because I'm so busy with my internship.

Everyday, I'll go home after work and just sleep.

Gosh, so not productive in some ways. But writing coding for the whole day everyday of the week made me mentally exhausted to the point of sleeping and just skip dinner.

And just with that, it's been a month since I started internship.

I'm so occupied nowadays that I can remember much what I did in March.
 Well except of those things above.

And 'other thoughts' are just mostly on Super Junior M new song 'Swing', my blog and new makeups sales that kept going on one brand after another *sigh*.

*fangirl alert* :
Speaking of Swing,  isn't it so good?!!
Omg, I never knew I'd love the Mandarin version more than the Korean version.
Or maybe the Kr version didn't get to me yet. Hahaha

Anyhow, I hope that things will get less hectic.
But, I kinda enjoying my internship (in some ways) so it doesn't really stress me negatively.

And ohh, I just figure out that I might be the obsessive type.
I kept getting dreams of me trying to figure out the 'programming error' these days!
Talk about dedication huh? LOL

Well that's all for the rant, I hope April would be better.
Till my next post~ toodles!♥ミ


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