June 27, 2014

Super Junior 7th Album Comeback

Hello there ;D
Of all news I received this days, this is the one that I'm anticipating the most (of course!). Super Junior is having their 7th comeback soon! *dance*

As some of you might know, I'm forever and only crazy for one group. And crazy means willing to spend money on albums, merchandise, or even super show..! 
Yeah, don't judge me okay ^^

So, I was browsing tumblr (a.k.a the land of fandoms) and I saw a post on
'6 Reasons Why You SHOULD Anticipate Super Junior's Comeback'
so I figure I should share it here, cause I'm already feeling giddy in excitement now!

Credit to welovehaehyuk for this!


After missing album promotions and two Super Shows, (his last was in Super Show 2 and most recent in the Super Show 5), the group’s diva is set to make a much-awaited comeback with his new look and aura.


 Who knows, Leeteuk might surprise us again by participating in the seventh album? When that happens, he is the only member (so far) who is able to participate in all album promotions (excluding mini-albums and sub-groups)! That’s a K-pop leader right there.


 This dorky power singer of the group has also entered the military following the group’s leader, Leeteuk. No words or hints yet but we’ll surely be up for aYesung contribution just like Kangin who has recorded the track A Short Journey for Bonamana (4th album Repackaged) while he was in the military.


It is well-known that a Super Junior album comes next with a Super Show concert. Animals, fruits and vegetables, superheroes and whatnot. They’ve covered a lot of iconic characters for Super Show but what else can these boys do on stage? How about more hip-thrusting from Kyuhyun or Heechul and Ryeowook?


We’re done with Versions A and B for Sorry Sorry and the individual member album covers for Mr. Simple and Opera. There are still many other possibilities on how to promote and market their albums so ELFs, start saving now!

And last but not the least, the reason we can’t just let this pass is …


Yeah, I know right?
Can't wait for all the spazzing!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

June 26, 2014

May/June 2014 Favorite Playlists ❤

Hello lovelies~!

cr: icanrelateto

It's been awhile since I made my 'favourite playlist' post. The last one was March's favourite.
Due to the unavoidable busy work (intern schedule), I really don't have much free time to list spare.  And when I do, well .. blame my lazy side. Haha.

Anyhow, I have lots of new songs that I love, and of course some returning 'old obsession'. So why don't you check it out?

1. IU - My Old Story
2. Sweet Sorrow- Pounding Heart
3. Boyfriend -Obsession
4. Yuna Kim - Without You Now
5. Phatom - Seoul Lonely
6. Taeyang - Eye, Nose, Lips
 7. Akdong Musician - Give Love
8. Akdong Musician - 200 %
9. Akdong Musician - Melted
10. 2AM ft Chansung - To Her
11. Hong Jin Young - My Love
12. Kiroro - Mirae
13. Orange Caramel - Aing

Honorable mention:
Tablo's Cover of Taeyang's Eye, Nose Lips!

P/S: Yes, Akdong Musician's album got so many good songs!
P/P/S: Actually I have tons more returning obsession, but well I managed to restrain my self from listing them all down.

And again, all Korean/Japanese songs. 
So sorry guys, I'm just an avid fan

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

June 25, 2014

Eskayvie: Unlock Secrets to Youthful, Enriching Lives from Within

Hello dearies,

Not long ago, I was invited by The Butterfly Project Community to attend a blogger event by Eskayvie in Pullman Hotel Bangsar. The event was to showcase on Eskayvie Redianze and also to introduce the latest addition in Eskayvie product range which is the Eskayvie I-Qids.

I will share with all of you my testimony on these two products in another post, but for now let me share a bit on the event that day.The event started with some introduction on the company and brand. Usually invited to showcase their products on major TV stations and programs like Wanita Hari Ini, Eskayvie has actually build a strong and growing users in just a few years of launching.

Their CEO whom is also the lead in Eskayvie product research, Dr Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al Qudri is a medical practitioner who specialize in anti-aging. He was the one who introduced us to the two products that day. And it was one of the best non 'boring' scientific talk ever! Dr Syid managed to mesmerize us girls even with the talk of 'gibberish' sounding scientific names of chemicals, enzymes and etc. It was very informational yet interesting talk. It's been so long since I actually had so much fun in such 'educational' lectures.

We also had an product testing session, and an amazing Hi-Tea after that. I got to talk more with Dr Syid over Hi Tea. It was very pleasant since he's really humble and down to earth.

Well I'm almost at the end of trying my complimentary box of Eskayvie Redianze and Eskayvie I-Qids, so stay tuned for my reviews soon :D
[you can read my review here]

*foods galore!*

*spot me!*

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

 cr pictures: Butterfly Project Malaysia

June 24, 2014

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream : Week 2

Hello guys,
This is a quick update on my weekly log on using the Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream which I've done the first part of my review.

I'm already in the week two of application, so I want to share how much difference it has been so far.
Now, let's see if the cream does bring any good effect on my skin.

To be honest, before I took the 'After 1 Week' picture I don't really notice the changes.
But with the comparison you can see how tremendous the effect is.

First is the scars from the pimples. Seriously, I does makes it heals faster. And you could see my skin looks smoother. And the under area of my eyes, even the eye bags is a few shades lighter.  

I love how the cream does not make it looks flaky on my dry skin.
And I did mentioned how I love it smells in the first post, and I kept loving it.
Seriously, I can't wait to see more improvement on my skin.

So, if you interested to try, BeautynMe Facebook Page is giving away this cream for a lucky fan. So go and join now! Who knows you'll be lucky enough to win this RM150 worth cream.

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
Price: RM150
Content: 30ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

 Website: www.beautynme.my
Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

June 19, 2014

Henkel Innovation Challenge: Final 2014

Hey guys!

Did you read about the Henkel Innovation Challenge, Semi Final post I did a few months back?Well, the results were actually out so long already but I kept forgetting to publish this post. *fails*

Unfortunately Malaysian team didn't managed to earn the champion trophy, and the winner was a team from Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia

*Winners - Daren Perincic and Dominik Benger*
 Their innovation was about a revolutionary hairstyling.The winning team’s product idea “H Design” by Schwarzkopf allows its users to change and design their own hair style through an app.

Isn't that brilliant?
Gosh I wish I have a creative and innovative mind like them.

So, congratulations to the winner.
 And also a great applaud for Malaysian team for trying their hardest in the competition.

*Henkel Challenge participants*

Who know right, someday one of the ideas in Henkel Innovation Challenge 2014 will come true?
Doesn't that make you look forward to the future too?

I don't know about you, but I'm sure am ;D

You could read more about the 7th Henkel Innovation Challenge here

That's all for now;
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

cr pictures: everquest

June 12, 2014

How Harry Potter Changed My Life

cr: tumblr
I'm a Potterhead.

 I fell in love with that awesome magical world when I first watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone years ago, and still love it deeply until now. There are so many things that I do in my life that reminds me of how much I love the books and the movies.

Like my never ending reference on the word 'Always'

There's more than that, so I thought why not list it down here. It would be fun.
So here are the list of how Harry Potter changed my life.

1. I'm obsessed with Hermione Granger. She's probably everything I want to be.
Pretty, smart, kind and she kick asses. Or punch face, to be exact.

2. I find 'Bloody Hell' the cutest curse word ever. Especially when Rupert says them. Well, everything Rupert says is adorable.

3. I wanted an owl as a pet. Still do.

4. I order Butterbeer Frappucino in Starbuck. The best secret drink EVER.


6. I believe in magic. Or in the very least, the purest form of it. LOVE.

7. I secretly whisper 'Accio' when I'm to lazy to get up and get stuffs (which has never worked. OB-viously)

8. I quote stuffs from the books and movies. Hence, point number 7.

cr: amarepervivere

9. I have a secret crush on Emma Watson (in non sexual ways of course). But again, who wouldn't? She and Hermione is basically the same person.

10. Spectacles rocks! I mean, even Harry don't do anything about his eyesight and kept his glasses. Pretty sure he can do something other than making Hermione chant 'Reparo' every time.

11. I met so many awesome Potterheads over the course of the years. Especially my awesome fellow Gryffindors'.

12. I'm more excited on the current Quidditch cup than the World cup.

13. I want a wand. Haven't got them since they're quite costly. But well, I will soon.

14. Didn't realized that the last book was released about 7 years ago (2007) and that the last movie was out 3 years ago (2011). I still rave about them. And it still feels like yesterday

15. Want to throw a Harry Potter themed party one day.

 cr: give-me-all-your-chocolate


19. Tumblr is my Harry Potter universe. We rules there.

18. I write a blog post telling on how much I love Harry Potter even when some think they're not relevant anymore. Which is so wrong!

There are so many things to write. But let say these are the stuffs I have in my mind right now.
I just finished my fourth Harry Potter movies marathon of the year. And going to reread the whole series again this weekend. So tell me, are you as obsessed to HP as I am?

And I leave you with my favorite HP inspired song.
 Which I'm pretty sure I've shared on  this blog before.

 cr: dumbledoreondrugs

Till next post, toodles  MISCHIEF MANAGED ~! ♥ミ  

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream

Hey Guys,

I was sent a bottle of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream by BeautynMe for review, and today I am excited to share to you about the product.

Beauty Talk brands has actually been in the market for about 7 years already and you can find their product in the Sasa outlets. But now BeautynMe has launched their brand new website where you can purchase the Beauty Talk products in just a few clicks away!

And if you followed my Instagram, I've posted about the event where BeautynMe did last Saturday where you could exchange your used foundation with a bottle of Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream which worth RM150! There were also a free facial treatment!

I've been using this for almost a week already and let's us see why I'm loving this.

The 3D Refining Day Cream uses the 3D Technology where they attracts external light into the dermis layer of the skin, coupled with light reflective ingredient - natural pearl powder to regulate skin tone and enhance skin smoothness and radiance.


Vitamin E: 
Prevents oxidation to the outer skin layer, moisturizes and guards it from sun-damage, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3: 
Smooth fine lines, provides deep hydration to improve and firm skin texture.

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 (Argireline): 
 Peptide shown to reduce wrinkles associated with facial expressions.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: 
Helps bring back a youthful radiance in skin care.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein:
 Excellent tensor & film-forming properties to increases firmness of the skin.

Natural Pearl Powder (mica)
Provides fine, porcelain complexion and smoothness to the skin even without make-up. This powder offers your skin a natural glow

Acerola Fruit:
Enriched with Vitamin C to combat melanin production, reduce the deposition of pigmentation and age spots and provide multiple protections from harmful UV rays.

Iris Florentina Root Extract:
 Revitalizing anti-aging ingredient that is rich in natural isoflavones to reduces the depth of wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity for an overall improvement in skin tone.

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract: 
Soothes skin redness and irritation, it also eliminates itchiness and allergic and reduces skin inflammation. It may also prevent bacterial infection.

Sodium Hyaluronate: 
Rehydrates the skin to stave off dryness and tightness, prepping it adequate for treatment products.


A rough swatch, and half blended on my hands

Product Testing

In overall, I love that the texture of the cream is lightweight, non sticky, and I only need one pump of them to cover up my whole face. On a day where I want to use minimum makeup, I just apply them on my face after my skincare regimen and set them up with a loose powder. Sometimes after concealer (which is crucial to hide my hideous panda eyes due to overwork *laugh*).

You can also wear them as a base before foundation. Applying them is easy, you can either use your fingers or your sponge, and they'll glide easily. And oh, they also smells good too!

If you could see, just with a minimal application my face does seems brighter. The lines under my eyes, and also the pores becomes a bit more refine.
 Product Info:

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream
Price: RM150
Content: 30ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

 Website: www.beautynme.my
Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

P/S: I'll make a short weekly updates on the changes after using this product so we both can see if there will be a great improvement on my skin ;D

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

June 05, 2014

Enchanting as Enchanteur Paris: New & Improved Body Lotion

Hello ladies! (and gentleman ^^)

Enchanteur Paris has released a new and improved body lotion range and I was lucky to be chosen by The Butterfly Project Community to review them. Once again, Merci!

Let's us get to it!

We've been using lotions all our life. Or at least, we knew about its existence since we've been little.
I bet most of you started using baby lotions when you were little. Mothers usually apply them on babies to avoid dry skin or rashes from forming.

So do you really know what is the function of a body lotion?

Mainly, they are used after bath, to maintain skin hydration, and making sure they're all smooth and soft. That's definitely a classic answer. But there's more to it than that:

The point on 'Skin Colour' is quite informative right? Make sure you choose the correct formulation so that you won't end up having darker skin!

Introducing Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion Range:

My Verdict:

My favourite so far is the All in One Whitening Body Serum. I love that they have SP24++ . They also have amazing smell ;D
 To be honest, I always applied them on after bath not only during the day, but also at night. It smells so good, and really help me to go to sleep fast due to it's relaxing smell. The concentration is thicker than some lotions, but I don't mind it. 

After all, if you want a non-sticky, sweat friendly lotion, you can opt for the outdoor use 'Light and Fresh' lotion! I've yet to try that one outside, but it does feels less sticky. I'm not really 'available' for outdoor activities these days. I'm just trapped in my office everyday and comes out only when the sunlight has already bid goodbye for the day.

I gave the 'Firm and Repair' one to my mom. Well, of course I'm not implying that she's all wrinkly already. Haha but, prevention is better than cure right? And since I have three other bottles to finish up why not give that to my mom. Good stuff need to be shared! But hey, I did tried that one out so I can give my personal opinion. And the word 'micro collagen' as one of the ingredient is really eye catching to me!

The last but not least, the 'Triple Whitening' bottle is the one I left on my office desk. For your information, my seat in office is directly under the big blasting 'aircond'. Therefore I'm having quite a dry skin nowadays. And that's something! Cause I never have dry skin before. At least not as dry as they are now. Whenever I feel like it, I'll just grab the bottle, squeeze out the content and apply it on my hands. And it does makes it better. And for someone who types and use computer mouse a lot, applying lotion often can help in reducing those hard spots on your hand which usually is the result from continuing pressure.

But after applying lotions everyday, the dark shades does gets lighter. And the hard skin also becomes softer again.

If I have to make a confession, I'm actually the type who is lazy to apply body lotion often. But these days, since my skin needs them, I've been giving extra attention and quite thankful to receive these products from The Butterfly Community.

For more information:

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

June 02, 2014

Victoria Secret Haul

I should've written this long ago
But well I guess 'procrastination queen' is my other name. 

Last month, I did a Victoria Secret haul at the newly opened VS outlet in Nu Sentral, KL.
They were having a buy 3 for RM132 promotion so I thought why not since Mother's Day was coming on the weekend.
(The price is around that, I can't remember the exact cost.LOL)

And I ended up purchasing 6 bottles of Victoria Secret mists.
Although they're not all mine since some are my friends', but well let say it was such an amazing feeling walking out of the store with that many. As if they're all mine. Haha

So here are what I bought:

1 bottle of Forbidden Vanilla

1 bottle of Secret Charm

1 bottle of Aqua Kiss

3 bottles of  Love Spell

And so far, been loving the Secret Charm so much!
 It has a light smell, and exudes kind of 'bubbly' atmosphere.

Forbidden Vanilla, is more of a deep musky smell
Rather than wearing it during the day, putting in on at night seems more suitable since it has a 'heavier' smell.

Love Spell is one of my favourite since long ago.
It has a fruity smell which I usually is not my cup of tea but it has the lightness which is similar to Secret Charm and doesn't smell too 'sweet' for me.

And Aqua Kiss gives off a refreshing fragrance.
It has a clean smell, which makes me feel refreshed when I sprayed them on myself.

So what's your favourite Victoria Secret scent?
Please leave your recommendation to me ;D

* product pictures taken from www.victoriassecret.com *

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

Happy 8th Anniversary!

I'm a fangirl
And this is is the 'fandom' I belongs in.

ELF for Super Junior.

And this blog definitely has a place for my fan girl moments. 
And it'll always have in the future.

I wasn't there from the start.
But I was there for years already.

I love that they gave us so many inspirations, thoughtful encouragement and that we both grow up together. I've met so many wonderful people along this, and some of them are to be kept for life.

We've shed tears, shout in joy, and laugh in happiness.
We've fought, loved, forgave, and be sorry.

I don't spend 24 hours a day obsessing about them. 
 I too have a life, a reality I have to face.
But there wasn't a day where I didn't catch a glimpse of Super Junior in things I do.

Sometimes they were there in my favourite songs, 
Sometimes they were there in that proud blue colour that I've learned to love,
 Sometimes they were there through a text messages from those whom also share my love for them.

Some will never get us
And who does will share a bond with us
A bond that's almost irrational but beautiful

So Happy 8th Anniversary Super Junior and ELFs
And let us look forward to more amazing years to come.