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Victoria Secret Haul

I should've written this long ago
But well I guess 'procrastination queen' is my other name. 

Last month, I did a Victoria Secret haul at the newly opened VS outlet in Nu Sentral, KL.
They were having a buy 3 for RM132 promotion so I thought why not since Mother's Day was coming on the weekend.
(The price is around that, I can't remember the exact cost.LOL)

And I ended up purchasing 6 bottles of Victoria Secret mists.
Although they're not all mine since some are my friends', but well let say it was such an amazing feeling walking out of the store with that many. As if they're all mine. Haha

So here are what I bought:

1 bottle of Forbidden Vanilla

1 bottle of Secret Charm

1 bottle of Aqua Kiss

3 bottles of  Love Spell

And so far, been loving the Secret Charm so much!
 It has a light smell, and exudes kind of 'bubbly' atmosphere.

Forbidden Vanilla, is more of a deep musky smell
Rather than wearing it during the day, putting in on at night seems more suitable since it has a 'heavier' smell.

Love Spell is one of my favourite since long ago.
It has a fruity smell which I usually is not my cup of tea but it has the lightness which is similar to Secret Charm and doesn't smell too 'sweet' for me.

And Aqua Kiss gives off a refreshing fragrance.
It has a clean smell, which makes me feel refreshed when I sprayed them on myself.

So what's your favourite Victoria Secret scent?
Please leave your recommendation to me ;D

* product pictures taken from *

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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