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Happy 8th Anniversary!

I'm a fangirl
And this is is the 'fandom' I belongs in.

ELF for Super Junior.

And this blog definitely has a place for my fan girl moments. 
And it'll always have in the future.

I wasn't there from the start.
But I was there for years already.

I love that they gave us so many inspirations, thoughtful encouragement and that we both grow up together. I've met so many wonderful people along this, and some of them are to be kept for life.

We've shed tears, shout in joy, and laugh in happiness.
We've fought, loved, forgave, and be sorry.

I don't spend 24 hours a day obsessing about them. 
 I too have a life, a reality I have to face.
But there wasn't a day where I didn't catch a glimpse of Super Junior in things I do.

Sometimes they were there in my favourite songs, 
Sometimes they were there in that proud blue colour that I've learned to love,
 Sometimes they were there through a text messages from those whom also share my love for them.

Some will never get us
And who does will share a bond with us
A bond that's almost irrational but beautiful

So Happy 8th Anniversary Super Junior and ELFs
And let us look forward to more amazing years to come.


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