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My Shizen RM200 Voucher Redemption.

 Hi guise ;D

So on the Saturday before Raya, I went to Shizens outlet in Pavilion to redeeem my RM200 voucher that I received from the Shizens blog post lucky draw. It was just a week before the voucher expired, so *phew* lucky me.

love the simple and classy packaging
My mom was with me so I decided to let her choose one item, and I will choose one more item!

left: shizens magnifique rouge lipstick, right: shizens lip tattoo

So here are two things that we choose:

1. Shizens Lip Tattoo (mine) - RM 160++ *don't remember the exact price*
2.  Shizen Magnifique Rouge Liptick in Apricot Peach (mom's) - RM 89

mom's lipstick: very pigmented!

Well, I did add some extra money as the value exceed RM200. I was planning to buy another stuff when the sales guy introduced me to the lip tattoo. And well, I was hooked!

Been loving the lip tattoo ever since and I barely use another lipstick since last week.

So thanks Shizens Malaysia and The Butterfly Blogger Community for the voucher!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. yeay! At first I was planning to get lip tattoo too, but then, i was attracted to the compact foundation. come visit my blog to read more on the review and haul. I spent my voucher on the compact foundation.


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