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Beauty Talk Oxy Mask:Week 4

Hey guys, 

I'm still in Raya mood but I'm back with my last testimonial after using Beauty Talk Oxy Mask after a month!

But before that, let me do a short summary on this product for those of you who haven't read my complete first impression review on this mask. Or if you want a more detail explanation, you can check out the post HERE.

OxyMask  uses exclusive formulation of OxyPercalin® (an oxygen carrier) which ensures rapid penetration of oxygen deep into the skin to repair and renew skin cells, our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally. This product is from the brand Beauty Talk.

 I was sent this product to review by Beauty n Me, and for one month usage, I found this mask different from others that I've tried. So, I've decided to make it in point so you guys can understand my verdict better.

1. The Smell

Some of you might not care about this, but for me I love when my skincare smells good but not 'too much'. Oxy Mask has a very refreshing smell that when I use them after I got back from work, it's kind of like a short therapy for me.

2. The Application

It's very easy to use with its pump dispenser. After applying and massaging them on my skin for a while, the bubbles formed is something I look forward to every time. Who says we can't have fun when applying skincare? And fret not its not only for fun, the bubbles formed actually help for better absorption of product

3. Moisturizing

My dry skin get noticeably smoother and more moisturized even after one time application. Its really a big help for me since my skin tend to get very dry these days.

4. Scars and Spots

It's actually won't be obvious for me too if I didn't take weekly pictures of my face after using the product. But, some acne scars and dark spots gets lighter, and some has gone completely.

5. Radiant Skin

Although I took weekly pictures and I can see that my skin does gets brighter as times goes by, even myself wasn't convinced enough. But funny thing is, when I go back to my mom's hometown, some people did mentioned that my skin looks brighter! *happy dance*

In overall, this is an amazing product for my skin. Although this was sent for me to review, I wasn't expecting such great result from just one month of application! And I haven't even used them up yet. I'm especially recommending this for those who have combination dry skin like me since I've tried them and it works well for me. But don't worry cause this product suits all skin type so everyone can try them :D

 Product Info:

Beauty Talk Oxy Mask
Price: RM230
Content: 50ml
Suitable For: All Skin Types

Facebook: beautynme / beautytalkmalaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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