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Review: Seri Emas Facial Soap Savon Visage-Tonique (Resdung Formulation)

Hey guys,

I would like to share my review on the Seri Emas Facial Soap that was sent to me by Seri Emas International not long ago.

This soap contains 'Pomegranate Extract Formula' and is specially formulated for people who has been having 'Resdung' symptoms.

I like the simple yet …

Of Rodents, Coacroaches and Me

Hey peeps,

Last night the bathroom light was broken so I was showering in the dark after I got back from office.
It was about 1 am in the morning. Suddenly I remembered about how sometimes the cockroaches tend to roam around at night especially near the bathroom. In the middle of the shower I brok…

Should've Said No

I learned something today. Well, not today actually, I noticed long time ago but today I feel so strongly about it.
I need to know when to say 'No'
Or I'll be the one suffering.

I'm so afraid to hurt others.
To make others feel awkward.
 I should sometimes learn to treasu…

10-Step Korean Skincare ft Muse by Watsons

Hello guys :)

These days, one of the hottest beauty trend is about how to achieve fair and glowing skin like the Korean celebrities. Being a such fan in the Hallyu wave, I too have been paying attention on Korean makeup trends and also skincare regimen routine. The well-known one which usually been mentioned is about how important sunscreen is (not just when playing outside or when going to the beach).

But there are more than that to achieve those glowing, fair baby skin like them! I was lucky to be invited by The Butterfly Project♥ to attend a private blogger event hosted by Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion :Week 1

Hello guys. I received another package from beautynme, and guess what I'm so excited with this one because out of all my daily skincare routine, I like to use lotion the best! They're just so easy and quick!

And guess what? I even find out something amazing about this product so make sure…

[SPONSORED] Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse:Week 4

Hey guise!

This is the last week of my Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse review :D I've been using this product which was sent to me by Beauty n Me for a month now. Are you curious about my before and after picture after a whole one month?

You can check out the previous review here:

Week 1 (Produ…

Sucummbing to Pressure

I've always been a prefectionist, and sometimes this trait in me makes my life so much harder.  And because of that too, I've always feel pressured to deliver the best every time I'm doing something. Lately, the pressure is too big, sometimes I wish to just ignore it or run away.
But w…

Of Malaysia, and Malaysian.

Hi guys :)

I don't usually like to do post like this because sometimes it might end up offending some people. But since today is Malaysia Day, and I find myself feeling very patriotic today I think I should share some of my thoughts on this lovely country of mine and it's people. And well,…

Things I Realized Are True Just After Graduate School

If you know me personally, there were times where I could be a tad too stoic and not flexible. Not with others usually, but more on myself. I'm also less of a risk taker, a trait which I still have problem to get rid of even up to today. Because of my lack of 'gut', there were times it…

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse:Week 3

Hey guise ;D

I'm here for my 3rd week review of Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse after using them for the whole 2 weeks! You can read my first week review which is about the product itself and my first impression HERE ;D

This product is from Taiwan and one of the best selling product on Beauty n…

Beauty Talk OxySolution Mousse:Week 2

Hey Guys!

If you have read my first impression review on theBeauty Talk OxySolution Mousse, now I'm back for a testimonial after using this for one whole week!
But first, let me do some demonstration on how this product works as Non Waterproof Makeup Remover ;D

1. Swatched Hands  (From left: Pen…

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