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Hi guys :)
I don't usually like to do post like this because sometimes it might end up offending some people. But since today is Malaysia Day, and I find myself feeling very patriotic today I think I should share some of my thoughts on this lovely country of mine and it's people. And well, as per my blog name I should do some deep thinking after quite awhile.

 We are truly a unique country. As far as I know, there is no other country that have the same unique story as similar to us. Our multiracial people, our background history, how diverse our culture and foods, we're really one of a kind.

But sometimes, our slight difference makes us be wary of each other. Because we don't know each other thoughts any better unless we take an effort to try to understand. And there were also times this slight difference can make us hurt each other the way no one should never do. And there were also times when some thorny words said by just a group of people causes greater hurt to us as a whole.

And sometimes, these issue are caused by some people with political difference but doesn't know how to differentiate what is appropriate and what is not. What is okay and what is not okay.

The most talked about issue these days (at least from what I saw on my Facebook timeline) is the issue of playing of our national anthem 'Negaraku' in cinema.

The first issue was when someone started circulating pictures of some group of people who refused to stand up when the song was played, even when foreigners did. 

For me, the one good thing from the act of circulating the pictures is that to show Malaysian that its not very respectable to just sit down and ignore the anthem. And that act was you being disrespectful to the country. On the other hand, I still see how people started responding in such disrespectful ways in the comment section. Sometimes, their words are even more disrespectful.

  I wondered why people see the fault of one particular race first? Why just not see how wrong the individual action instead?

Is it because the way we've been raised?
Or is it just because we don't know each other any better?

The second issue is even greater to me since compared to the first issue, this time not just a normal citizen but a political leader that went and gave a statement saying how playing national anthem in cinema is such a disgrace. 

* decided to just a crop out status just to show how bad this kind of post will affect our people, not to initiate hate*

I'm no politics fan. 
Especially not a fan to the kind that break our faith in each other.

 The people reaction to the political leader statement is something that I would love to celebrate about. Because people from all races criticize his statement and defends our national anthem.
And for these people, I think no need to make the anonymous because you see they need as much applaud as we could give them.

See, I'm still brimming with respect for these people. They see Malaysian beyond race, religion or political preferences. There are more similar posting like this, and this three amazing people are just a select few.

 Because just like the national flag, our national song is the symbol to our dignity, and we have to protect them.

And without a doubt, there a way more Malaysian who love this country than those who wants to break it apart.

Therefore dear people, please don't be too shallow.
We're all Malaysian.

If something bad happened to this country, we all have to fight to defend it. 
No one is 'going back to their homeland' if something like that happen. 
Yes, I agree that there are deeper things that sometimes makes we feel so different from each other.  

But even with that, we're just different circles that have one intersection point that binds us together. And that point is this land, this country, Malaysia.

And with that I hope no one feels offended by my thought.
And to those who shares the same sentiment, I wish you a Happy Malaysia Day.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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