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Tea and Perfume: With Betjeman & Barton and Bisou BonBon [Part 1]

Hello guys,

Tea and perfume, those words reminds me of things that would actually come straight out of a historical romance novel. Well, especially the 'tea' part. It does reminds me a lot of my favourite series by Julia Quin which are known as the Bridgerton series. The characters in it spent quite a lot of time in their salon sipping tea and chatting about handsome young suitors. Oh god, talking about it makes me want to start reading the 8 siblings love stories again. It's a really great read so I totally recommend them!

Anyway, all these rambling about teas is actually me wanting to tell you guys that I was invited to an awesome tea party at the Betjeman & Barton in One Utama not long ago where all we did that day was to mingle, eat some amazing dessert, drank some delicious tea and make our own perfume from Bisou Bon Bon perfume bar.

Yes, our own perfume!
I mean how many time in my life I would get the chance to be my own perfume creator?

the odd yellow one which is me ;D

The outfit theme for that day was pastel but my rebellious nature made me wear something bright. Just kidding! Actually the night before the event I realized I have no pastel colour outfit to wear. So at the last minute I opted on whatever I have that is the least dark, and it ended up to be a bright yellow top. I guess I need a fashion consultant *fails*

When I arrived, I was greeted by the Betjeman & Barton bright red interior which would be almost impossible to ignore. And don't get me started on the decorations, it was so beautiful! I just love the layout inside, especially all those big jars that contains so many different tea which I haven't even heard of before. I have so many things to say about the interior but let just let the pictures talk. 

so many tea selections!
decoration teapots that are so cute!
more tea sets
selection of desserts at counter

I'm definitely a coffee person, but I won't say I don't enjoy tea. That's why when we we served with their best seller Pouchkine tea, I enjoyed sipping it to the very last drop. It was delicious and I don't even add any sugar in it. Sometimes I like my tea plain just as it is.

yummy tea~!

Speaking of Betjeman & Barton, it was actually founded in 1919 in Paris. So old right?! Now, they've bring their French tea brewing skill for us in Malaysia so make sure you visit them in One Utama Old Wing. I'll put their location right at the end of the blog post for your convenience. Don't worry if you're not exactly a tea person because seriously, with all the tea selections there will definitely be something bound to your liking or else; you could just enjoy their various selection of treats.

my favourite oreo mousse de fromage~

Out of the dessert served that day, my favourite is strongly tied between their pleasantly delicious Oreo Mousse de Fromage and the super amazing Raspberry Macaroon. We also had the Orange Chocolate Cake, Green Tea Macaroon, Pure Milk Chocolate and Pure White Chocolate.

In the middle of the tea party, a make your own perfume booth has been neatly set up for us by Bisou Bon Bon owned by Shelby. I was so excited about this one because it reminds me of the old school days of pipetting solutions to make some kind of chemical reactions but this time it's much more fun!

Are you curious about how my own signature perfume is made? Read them HERE! Because seriously, a fun perfume making session deserve a whole blog post to itself. 

As for now, I need a 'thinking' break so I'm going to make the tea I got from Betjeman & Barton. Maybe I should lit on candles and start re-reading my beloved Bridgerton series. What's better than reading while sipping some relaxingly delicious tea :)

source: butterfly msia facebook

Thank you for Butterfly Project for this amazing opportunity once again! xoxo.

For More Info:
Betjeman & Barton
Lot G220, Ground Floor,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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