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Tea and Perfume: With Betjeman & Barton and Bisou BonBon [Part 2]

Hello guys,

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page

I'm back with the promised part two of my Tea and Perfume experience with Betjeman & Barton and Bisou BonBon. If you missed the part one, you can find it HERE. So now, it's the time for me to share my perfume making fun at the Bisou Bon Bon perfume bar.

But before that, do you know that there are three main elements that makes up a perfume? They are the base note, the middle note and the top note. From Bisou Bon Bon owner Shelby, I learned what are the difference between the three of them; and with a little help from the Wikipedia I conclude my understanding on each notes below:

TOP NOTE is the first scent you'll notice once you spray your perfume. The top note scent is the one that will evaporate the quickest. Usually top note scents are light and fresh or easily noticeable to make an impression on the wearer.

MIDDLE NOTE will become more noticeable just as the top note dissipates. The scent in middle note will be 'heart' of the perfume and often act to mask the base note scent that usually tend to be stronger and 'deeper'. Middle note usually stays on wearer around 2 minutes to one hour after application.

BASE NOTE usually brings depth to the perfume and gives solidity to the scent. They're usually rich scents that would emerge around 30 minutes after application.

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page

Now that you are well versed on the three notes, let's move onto the process! Just like baking, making perfumes need us to be precise on the amount used to that all the scents will mix well. The first part of my perfume making involve me trying to pipette 2ml of oil into the mixing bottle.

Next I arrived at the first challenge of this perfume making; choosing the base note. We were instructed to use 15 drops of scented oil for base scents in our perfume. It was advised for us not to mix more than 3 different base scents because if we do, each scents will overlap too much leaving no distinct base note scent. The middle note need 9 drops of scented oil and the top note uses 6 drops.

After a few minutes of sniffing each scents for each notes, I ended up choosing 3 base note for my perfume, 2 different middle note scents and only 1 top note scent for my perfume.

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page
1. YlangYlang (5 drops)
2. Rose (7 drops)
3. Rosewood (3 drops)

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page
1. Geranium (5 drops)
2. Chamimile (4 drops)

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page
1. Grapefruit (6 drops)
After mixing all three notes, the final step is to add 20ml of alcohol in the mixture. The mixture will need at least 48 hours to mature before can be used but it is the best to let it sit and mature for 6 weeks. It's still a long way to go before the day I can open my perfume mixture. I'm so excited how it turns out that I've already put a big mark on 14 March on my planner.

image source: Butterfly Msia Facebook Page

Bisou Bon Bon also provided a small tube of water that we will need to add into the mixture once the opening date arrive; and after that, we can put the mixture into the sprayer bottle which is also provided for us. Voila! After that, I'll have my own perfume made from my inspiration.

Shelby wanted us to share the name we choose for our perfume but for now I have no idea what I will give it. I will share the name once I open my perfume next month! I hope I'll like how it would turn out in the end. 

Bisou Bon Bon is open for hire for any events or occasions so if you're interested, I've provided some information about the perfume bar down below.

To conclude my two part of Tea and Perfume posts, I would like to thank Butterfly Malaysia,  Betjeman & Barton and Bisou BonBon for letting me be a part of such a fun event.

For More Info:
Contact: Shelby

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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