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Indeed Laboratories: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly Review

Hello guys!

I remember in my previous 'How Do You Pamper Yourself' post, I've mentioned my liking to the amazing Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Muse by Watson, once again I got to try one new product from the Hydraluron range which is the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Box Front Packaging Design

Box's Back Description

Comes in a white - hot pink box, this product has one special features on it that I've never seen in other moisturizer that has this kind of packaging type. Like any other face cream, it has a standard bottle tube but instead of taking out the content neither using finger which is a very unhygienic method nor using spatula, they actually comes out with an idea of using the pump method!

Super in love with the packaging!

Just Pump!

Yes, I'm so impressed by it. I mean it's not that pump packaging is new but using with this kind of container is very rare. That is already one extra point for this product. It's hassle free as I just need to pump it out. There is no problem with over pumping since one to two pumps already let out a good amount of product.

Thick but absorbing jelly

The product is a clear gel like substance that feels thick on hand but it melts once applied on the skin. This product does not give a sticky feeling to it and absorb relatively fast into the skin. Undoubtedly, it's very moisturizing on my dry skin and I always wake up feeling fresh after applying it over night.

This product uses a sophisticated five actives complex that helps to provide short term and long term solution in locking moisture to the skin by supporting the natural protective layer of your skin. It helps to restore moisture level and prevent future loss.

A micro network moisture complex called PatcH20 saturate the skin with fast absorbing ingredients and Fucogel to helps to form protective film on skin to reduce moisture evaporation. One more substance used in this product is the Hyaluronic acid which is well known in combating skin dryness. It also helps in providing moisture to the skin as well as promote collagen production, leaving the skin feeling plump.

For More Info:
Product Name: Hydraluron Moisture Jelly by Indeed Laboratories
Where to Buy: Muse By Watson, Sunway Pyramid
Price: RM99 (30ml)

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Oh I have been meaning to try this, the packaging looks really awesome, it's like Kate Somerville's packaging.
    Next time whenever it's on sale at Boots I'm picking it up. I think it would be great for warmer months?
    Samie|| BeautyDetour

    1. Yeah I it does do well on warm weather. Malaysia is warm all year around and it does help with my dry skin especially on the cheek area. They say the serum is amazing too

  2. I did some experiment using hydraluron moisture jelly and it really works!! betul2 moisturize kan our skin lah!

    1. Kak Ella, Anis suka pakai then duduk dalam tempat aircond rasa mcm dingin je. Huhu

  3. Keep reading your reviews on the products we got and I have yet to try it! Lol feeling sick and lethargic these few days..


    1. Get well soon! Eat lots of fruits and drink lots of water.
      Can't wait to read your opinion later <3


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