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Rants: Sick and Dizzy

 Hello guys :)

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Actually, I don't plan to write anything today as I'm currently down with a bad case of headache and asthma. My asthma usually is caused by psychological factor like stress so I'm actually wondering why I got the attack this time as I'm feeling really great and happy for the past few days. Maybe its the weather but after a full rest today I'm feeling a lot better now.

Anyway, this past week I've been updating quite frequently and almost everyday so I don't want to break the routine. I don't even know what I want to share in this post. I guess it's just a little rambling on my side. After all my blog is to share about the happening around me and I want to keep the 'personal' portion in my blog all the way and as long as I can.

A few new product reviews will be posted soon too. Currently I have a product that I'm in love with and it's from a Korean brand so look forward for it! And oh, I've been wanting to share about my skin care routine but since my skin condition is not that great I'm actually wondering if I should share it with you guys. It's getting better now so one thing I'm sure of is to make sure you'll never skip the routine everyday.

I spent the whole day sleeping so I'm wide awake now, even with my headache still not going away. I hope I'll be better tomorrow. That's all for this short rant. I hope you guys are in great health so none of you will suffer like I am today. Drink lots of water as the weather can be unpredictable too.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Wishing you good health and a speedy recovery girl :)

    Sam|| BeautyDetour

    1. Thanks dear. I'm okay now and back to work :)

  2. Feel better soon sweet heart!

    1. Thank you for the thought, I'm all better now <3


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