June 24, 2015

Celebrating Ramadhan and Eid - Dining with Roses from Corelle!

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via: World Kitchen Asia Pacific Facebook Page

In the spirit of Ramadhan, eating good home cooked meal is a perfect way to bond with our family members as we dine together for Iftar (breaking the fast). Since I stay with my parent these days, Iftar had been nothing but pleasant and fun so far. I get to eat my mom's cooking often and it reminds me how I was during the old days where I used to study in boarding school. I would be missing home even more during Ramadhan and counted days looking forward for Eid (Hari Raya) holidays.

Coincidentally this year, World Kitchen is celebrating their 45th anniversary. Both Corelle and Corningware are among the brands under it so in conjunction with the celebration, they had released a brand new collection Rosabelle. I was offered to try out and review the new collection which includes Corelle's dining plates and also a casserole dish from Corningware so I gladly accepted the offer because who doesn't like pretty plates right? Plus, my mom would be very excited to have even just one Corelle or Corningware product in her kitchen.

Corelle and Corningware has been a household name for so long and I bet the mothers would definitely know them, but since the younger generation might be a little 'lost' let me tell you a bit about the history behind World Kitchen and the brands under its wings.

World Kitchen is a well known American kitchenware product maker and distributor and has a long history in Malaysian market ever since they established their first decoration and production plant here in 1989. Up to this day, more than 200 different Corelle patterns have been decoreted in the plant and today more than 140 different patterns are available to purchase in Malaysia. For your information, Corelle is their leading dishware while Corningware is their cookware line.

The latest Rosabelle line focuses on long lasting beauty and durability as a symbolic to the long years they've gone through. They opted for an all time classic flower pattern design which features Apricot Candy Rose with shade of pink petal and green leaves. It's definitely a pretty one because my mom was swooning when I showed her the design; it's just classic, feminine and gives a Victorian feel.

I learned that the design never fades even over the course of years and Rosabelle also prides itself from being break and chip resistant. Glass that never break? I bet they learned how to do it from Cinderella's fairy godmother. LOL, just kidding! Well, the secret is actually called Vitrelle which is a remarkable three layer sandwich of thermally laminated glass. With this the plates managed to be very light yet maintain the durability and also long lasting.

By the way, do you know that Corelle's plate can be use for reheating purposes in conventional convection and also microwaves oven? Yes, they do! That's why owning Corelle or Corningware would be worthy of your investment.

I really love how light it is! I used to wonder what is so good about Corelle when I see or hear mothers and aunties raving about it. The casserole dish is just amazing and one thing I realized about both of the dishware and kitchenware is how easy they are to wash. The oil and grease doesn't stick like they do on others plate we have at home. I know this because it's my job to wash the plates ;D I'm also excited to try out new recipe and use the casserole dish for cooking. I saw a great idea for hotpot using it so maybe I should make it sometimes.

With Eid coming up soon, it would be a great gift ideas for our parent too! I bet your mom would be grinning ear to ear this Hari Raya when she serve food for the visiting family members and friends with her new plates. It would also be a great wedding gift or even as 'hantaran'. You can purchase this new collection from your nearest AEON, Jusco and don't forget to share and hashtag #CorelleMalaysia and #Rosabelle

Like World Kitchen Facebook page HERE for latest info and promotions. The new Corelle Rosabelle 16 pieces set retails at RM729 and the Corningware Rosabelle 6 pieces Casserole set is priced at RM629.

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