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Mutiara Abyra Foundation Review

 Hello guys!

If you happened to follow my Instagram @anisfarhanaaliman91 I've posted a smokey eye look not long ago and one of the product used to create the look was the Mutiara Abyra Foundation that was sent for me to review and test. I intended to post this review earlier but I was sick last weak (again) so it caused a bit of delay on the write up.

This product is one of the product by BabeSkin365 and contains pearl powder that could help to maintain the skin radiance and protect skin from the UV ray. It's really great for oily skin due to its powder form but for people who have dry skin I suggest you to not over apply the powder as it will make it looks 'cakey' and unnatural. The best solution is to use it with a sprinkle of water on the foundation sponge applicator as it will help to give enough hydration to avoid over drying; you can also use mist spray as another option to maintain the hydration.

In my case, my skin is combination dry and normal so I use the powder on the normal area which is the T-Zone. Since I use my foundation brush, after applying on the T-Zone area I will swipe the extra powder on the brush on my cheek area just a bit to even up the skin tone shade.

After applying, from the swatch above you can see that it gives a considerably good coverage with a matte finish and my skin tone does look more radiant after applying the powder. On the packaging, it claims to help minimize pore and fine lines appearances too.

Instagram embed code doesn't function suddenly so here is the picture of the Instagram post I mentioned above. You can check them out to see the list of products that I used HERE. This product retails at RM39(WM/SM) and RM49(EM/SS).For more information, you can check out their official links down below :)

Mutiara Abyra Foundation
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. This looks like a great powder and really makes a difference to the skin! Thanks for sharing and great review :)



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