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AirAsia Free Seats!

Hello Guys!

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I might not look like it but I'm such a huge anime fan. I might have lost the exact count, but I'm pretty sure I've watched about two hundreds different anime up until today; be it a full series, movies, specials, OVAs (original video animation), and even ONA (original net anime). The numbers might be miniscule to other big shot otaku but I think its quite enough to make people look at me as an anime mania.

Not just that, I love watching people do cosplays because a lot of them are really good at it. Their sewing jobs sometimes are too perfect and intricately done that I can't help myself but to keep applauding (Hello Hollywood, you should hire all those talented people ASAP!).

I mean seriously?? via:

The funny thing is even though I really love anime and cosplays, I have never been to any cosplay event or showcase before! The timing were always wrong. I have school, I have jobs, I got sick and etc. Common, lame excuses and a sad one too but really what can I do? So years passed by and I'm still looking forward to my first anime festival experience where I would actually be there in person and not just 'ohhhh-ing' and 'ahhhh-ing' in front of the laptop monitoring what's going on from afar.

Then suddenly I saw the Air Asia Free Seats banner in an email from Air Asia! With the email, suddenly a brilliant idea came across my mind! I thought why should I go for normal things when I could aim for a bigger one?


Yes, the land of the rising sun; the motherland of all amazing animes that I've been following through all this years? The beautiful land of Japan!

Air Asia Big Boss Mr Tony Fernandes is offering  lucky bloggers for not just one but four return flight to any festival they feel they NEED TO BE AT in the next year. So of course my inner nerd answers that question quite easily. There will be AnimeJapan in March 2016 and I really want to go there!

It would all be possible if I am lucky enough to win those free seats; if and only if. But seriously, a girl gotta dream so I'm going to count my eggs before they hatch again. Don't blame me, if daydreaming is actually a paid job I would be rich by now!

You see dear readers, each year there will be an anime festival in Japan. It was previously known as Tokyo International Anime Fair but I guess they realized how boring it sounded so now they call it AnimeJapan instead. Whoever decided on that name change deserves a kiss on the cheek since the new name sounds much cooler! By the way, every year the anime fair usually attracts huge number of crowds from all over the world; it's really is an otaku festival. So I need to be there! I would kill to be there! (You know it's just a figure of speech right? Or is it?)

What would I do there? Oh, we're just getting started; I haven't gotten to the main point yet!

Snippet from AnimeJapan 2015 promo website

First I would be checking out their exhibitions! AnimeJapan 2015 had many interesting exhibitions, I was literally drooling from envy when I saw all the updates and announcement. Usually they will also sell limited edition merchandise and I'm pretty sure I'll went a bit 'gaga' browsing all the toys inspired from all my favourite animes.

Asked a friend to get this for me from Japan. It's my treasure! I raved about them HERE

There will definitely be various stage performances and talks, in previous years there were a lot of behind the scene talks with anime casts. One of the AnimeJapan 2015 stage was a special event for the new remake of Sailor Moon, they shared a lot of behind the scenes stories and all.

Last but not least, I would definitely go on a selfie craze there especially when I go around the cosplayer event! What if I see someone who does perfect copy of Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online? Or pretty girls cosplaying Sailormoon characters? Or some other male characters that I have crushes on? The thought of it already make my heart thumping with excitement.

Language barrier? Luckily I have a cousin who live in Japan so I'm going to hire her to be my translator (read: drag her around) the whole time I'm there. It'd be an awesome catching up session too since it has been years since I met her.

But if I'm going to have fun like that, its better to have a lot of people going with me. The more the merrier right? Let say if I have four tickets to fly to Japan, the first two people I'm going to take are my brothers. If you ask me why, let's just say that I'm the best sister.LOL!


Plus, let me quote something from one anime called Summer Wars; it was when one of the character in it said something to his grandson who was a bit annoyed for getting a new baby sister, "You see, having a sibling is not so bad, you just get half of the snacks, you fight a lot and the very sight of them annoys you!" I know its sounds funny but I kind of get it, as much it annoys me to baby sit both of them around, I still would love to bring them with me especially when my youngest brother loves anime as much as I do.

And one more ticket would be for my dad. My cousin's mom; my aunt whom is my dad little sister lives in Japan and my dad has never been able to visit her and our Japanese uncle all these years. She had been living there for more than ten years there and I think I'd bring a great joy to him if I offer to bring him along.

Of course all of those rants above are all hypothetical for now. I need the tickets to actually make them come true right?? I hope I haven't ran out my luck for this year and 'may the force be with me'. *Opps, wrong fandom! Sorry Star Wars fans, I'm borrowing your catchphrase ;) *
Definitely needing my liquid luck! via: erised7.tumblr

Do you guys want to try your luck too? Visit to book now until 28th June 2015! There are up to 3 Million promo seats for grab! And I happened to came across this awesome tips from Air Asia website so check it out to increase your chance of getting Free Seats from Air Asia! Good things are meant to be shared together right?

So yeah, I've finished my babbling. I'm going to continue watching anime for now and keeps on crossing my fingers. I just hope I won't be getting dreams about AnimeJapan 2016 later at night since they say we always dream about what our heart desire!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Take me with you!!!! And let's hoard Sailor Moon stuff together! <3

    1. if we go together, who gonna stop us from overspending?lol!

  2. Great post! I hope you get those free tickets. I can really sense the passion you have for anime and how much you want to go to the festivals. Japan is really beautiful. I too, would love to go there someday soon. In shaa Allah, Amin. :)

    1. hi there ;) thanks for commenting and yeah i hope we both got to step on Japan land soon!

  3. Damn it , I was a big fans of anime .. Is it still avaible .. If do , i want to try and make it happen of course ... without wasting our money ( Its free pulak tu) if i got that tickets "WOW this is a huge savingsss ever" .. Opportunities coming through :D

    1. it ends tomorrow. but you can't enter unless you're a member of air asia blogger club. need to register to them by emailing

  4. HAHAHHAHAH please take me too!!! ada 4 kan jgn kedekot tau hahahha

    1. OKAY SET! But If you menang give me one too. Baru aci. HAHAHAHAHA


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