June 27, 2015

Impromptu Staycation @ Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Hello guys!

I am so blessed to have a best friend who is not only caring, but also 'crazy' enough to do random things with me. I've been knowing her for more than a decade and through out our friendship, we had a done some ridiculous things together which would be too long to be summarized in one short post.

Anyway, our most recent little adventure was a sudden stay-cation in Melia Hotel KL. The funny thing is that we both live in Kuala Lumpur but our short meetup turned into something crazy because we decided to go for a quick gateway by staying in a hotel in the city - which is about 20 minutes drive from my home *crazy tag on forehead*. The reason of this impromptu decision was simple, too little time to spend but too much things to share; sinceat that time both just started working so its not exactly easy to find a day where we can hang out as much as we can.

Our room got KLCC view!

Realistically speaking, it's totally random to go check in into a hotel bringing no change of cloth, to sleep for a night when your own home offers better option. But well, sometimes doing something out of the ordinary like this really help you unwind and de-stress. As a matter of fact, even for a one night stay there I felt so relaxed the next day , which is usually a feeling I usually get when I go for a vacation somewhere outside of the city.

After looking around for the most affordable room around KL area, we opted for Melia Hotel KL which is just opposite Berjaya Times Square. I wasn't been able to explore much at the hotel since we checked in almost at midnight and woke up just in time for breakfast and getting ready for check out. But hey it was definitely a fun gateway, I never thought KL would feels so different. We actually got into tourist mode and snapped a few pictures.

We gotten ourselves a two single bed room which was really spacious, and have nice night view. Last I checked, the usual rate for that room is RM400++ but we got ourselves a discount that night so it was a lot cheaper.

The next morning we head for our breakfast. I ate so much that morning but it was really nice to hang out and just talk. Now looking at the pictures make me want to eat something. LOL!

In overall, the hotel stay was great with great rooms and great view. The breakfast was tasty and delicious ranging from western and even Malaysian breakfast. I was too hungry that morning so I forgot to snap more food pictures. 

Can't leave out snacks when two girls hang our together ;D

And oh, even at night if you are feeling hungry just go down to hotel lobby and there is a 24 hour 7 Eleven store next to the hotel. We got ourselves some snacks and coffee that night to accompany us during our long before bed talk.By the way, the new Perfecto Popcorn in The French Vanilla is so good! The new Cadbury Marvellous Creations chocolate too! I bought them to try but was not expecting both to be so nice.

If you feel like checking the hotel up, just visit their website at www.melia.com

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ