June 28, 2015

Book Haul June 2015

Hey guys!
When it comes to shopping, I have a few places I have to be extra careful at because I tend to buy something everytime I go check them out. Those places includes makeup stores especially Sephora, and also any bookstores.

Especially when it comes to Kinokuniya in KLCC; it is definitely my favourite escape place as I can spend hours looking at the books there alone. Even though sometimes I try to not buy too much book and opted for digital copies of e-books instead, I just can't get enough of the feeling when I am flipping the pages of a book while I'm reading.Since I am free at home nowadays, I failed to resist the tempation and decided to pick a few books to read and actually ended up over budget a little bit, LOL. 

I've actually finished three of the seven books which I purchased in both Kinokuniya and MPH this month (haven't got to start on the others because I got distracted watching Korean dramas); and I thought maybe I should share about my haul.

The funny thing is I didn't realized that I picked an almost similar theme for three of the books which all about some emotional issues. The first book which I've finished and loved is titled 'My Heart and Other Blackholes' which tells a story about depression and two suicidal teen that find their first step into cure when they found love. I have a high interest in topic that's dealing with emotional issues and scars and loves reading things that would make me think that my life is not as bad if I'm comparing myself with these pitiful characters (this is probably the sentimental me speaking).

Another two both talking about some kind of anxiety issues; 'Finding Audrey' is written by one of my favourite author in this whole world, Sophie Kinsella. The other one is the highly raved 'Girl Online' by Youtube sensation Zoe Sugg. It took me so long to find this copy and I can't wait to start reading soon.

I have finished both 'Between the Lines' and 'Off The Page' co-written by Jodi Picoult and her daughter. It's a light fantasy story about two people falling in love but the problem is the guy is a character of a fairy tale book.

'Attachment' is a book by Rainbow Rowell and after her highly loved books 'Fangirl' and 'Eleanor and Park',  I can't resist myself from getting this. The last book I gotten is 'Since You've Been Gone' and its themed around friendship. I haven't read this yet but its on MPH Pick so I have high expectation on this one!
I hope I can finish all remaining four books before I get busy again. The thing is I have so many things in mind even when I'm staying at home! Updating blog, finishing the books, catch up variety shows, watch korean drama and anime are just a part of the list. LOL!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ

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