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Beauty Guide Media Trail Food Tasting @ WIP Bangsar

Hey guys!

Recently I found another gem for food lovers to try out which is the WIP Bangsar. It was all thanks to Beauty Guide for bringing me and few other Butterflies to try out their food during our Beauty Day Out a few weeks ago. I will be telling you about my experience during the day out soon so don't forget to come back reading.

That day, we arrived at WIP right after a massage so I was already hungry at that time. We were seated on a more private area overlooking the whole restaurant view. I chose my drink and started snapping pictures of us and the interior design and I've got to say it's really pretty inside.

We were given a list or course menu of what we would be having that day starting from three starters menu, four main course and two sinful desserts afterwards. The management told us that most of the menu we're trying will only be available soon after Hari Raya so you guys make sure to make a visit after it if you want to try the foods!

Greek Berry Salad

We were presented with the first starter of the day which is a very colourful plating of Greek Berry Salad. It's not just pleasant to the eye since the taste also does not fall short. Made from berry trio, red radish, olives, crispy romaine, feta cheese and honey lemon vinaigrette, I love the tanginess of the berries and also the savoury taste of feta cheese that made the salad well balanced with bursts of flavours. Having red radish in also a nice touch with its crispiness.

Bacalhau De Abras

The next dish is a creamy Portuguese salt cod fish with sweet potato chips called Bacalhau De Abras (which sounds so fancy). The sweet potato were thinly sliced and made chips and the fish dip compliments it very well. I've been eating chips or Malaysian styled 'kerepek' all my life but never had thought of dipping them in such a creamy dip made from fish. Don't take me wrong as I definitely love this one best among the three starters menu.

School Prawn

School Prawn is a really crispy deep fried prawn eaten with chili mayo and lemon and is actually a very tempting substitute for popcorn in my opinion. Its ready addicting to be munching on the golden fried prawn. Idea wise it might be a tad normal, but I can totally dig this kind of normal. Maybe I should try frying some prawn at home and starts munching them while watching Korean dramas? LOL.

XO Fried Rice

The XO Fried Rice was the winner between the four main courses because I'm definitely a rice person and the mango sauce that goes with the the fried rice and crispy fish skewer was AMAZING! I love love love the sauce so much with its spicy and sour taste. I'm pretty sure I can taste some ginger in that too and that gave an extra punch to the sauce.

Chicken Estapada
Beef Estapada

A house specialty, we also had two type of Estapada that day which was beef and chicken. Beef Estapada marinated with garlic and traditional herbs is definitely a winner between the two because of the perfectly cooked sirloin chucks red in the middle; exactly how I like it. The Chicken Estapada marinated with jerk spices is actually a nice one too, but I'm definitely leaning more on the beef.

Triple Trio Supreme Pizza

The last main course was Triple Trio Supreme pizza that comes with three of everything. Chicken sausage, chicken ham and grilled chicken as a topping and accompanied with onion ring, cocktail onion, onion marmalade and triple goodness of mozarella, cheddar and emmental cheese. Although it does not 'kick ass' as much as the fried rice to me but the toppings of this pizza does make me want to eat more.

Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

Since we had both rice and pizza that day so I was quite full at the time desserts came. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of Tiramisu so I didn't think I can be fair to be giving my opinion on this one. But others seemed to be enjoying it so I think it might taste nice. (Edit: Kak Sabby told me the Tiramisu contains alcohol. The server didn't tell me but thankfully I didn't eat it since I don't like Tiramisu. I hope WIP can be more careful on this thing afterwards. I almost had a huge accident!).

The second desserts which was Rocky Road Brownie with Haagen Dazs Ice Cream and you know brownie and ice cream goes perfectly like bread and butter. But the brownie was a tad sweet for me but the texture is moist and nice so I think all the sweet tooth will like this sinful goodness!

With the pretty bloggers and Tammy (bottom right) founder of The Butterfly Project

It was definitely a pleasant experience and even until now I kept thinking of the foods especially all the starters. The three of them definitely picked up my appetite! You can check out on them on their website ; for more information you can refer on the details below. Thank you again WIP, Beauty Guide and The Butterfly Project on such a delightful lunch! It's even better to have lunch with all the lovely bloggers that day!

Bangsar Shopping Centre
LOT G111, Ground Floor
285 Jalan Maarof
Bukit Bandar Raya
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2094 1789/2789

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Did you eat the Tiramisu? It contains alcohol.

    1. really? don't like tiramisu so i didn't try it. seriously i didn't know the server didn't tell me, thankfully i didn't.


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