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Get Ready for Eid with Jakel - Nabil Ahmad, Rozita Che Wan and Upin Ipin Edition!

Hello guys!
The first day of Ramadhan passed already, so how was yours? Well, I am definitely excited to spend times more with my family and counting days looking forward to Eid. Did you get stuffs ready yet? I haven't got a chance to buy my outfit for Hari Raya yet, still thinking what colour should I get for this year.

I am thinking of getting something from Jakel ever since I learned about their new range for Gempak Raya 2015 in collaboration with some of Malaysian favourite icons Nabil Ahmad, Rozita Che Wan and Upin Ipin. Targeting both adults and children, now you can just get everything under one roof!

I have a feeling their Upin Ipin range will be raved by children. I mean who doesn't like the adorable cartoon with their well known trademark phrase "Betul, betul, betul!". With affordable price and good quality of material and varieties of colours selection, it's easier for parent who want to go all out this upcoming Hari Raya with matching outfits. The interesting part is the price depends on the outfit size so parent with small kids will be satisfied not having to pay the price for a small size Baju Melayu just the same for a larger one.

For adult male, the new Nabil Ahmad Baju Melayu range comes at a great price and nice packaging also. On the launching day which I was lucky to attend, Jakel offered such an amazing price down offer that made the crowd goes wild on a shopping spree.

I am especially in love with the Baju Kurung worn by Rozita Che Wan which was in a very feminine pastel colours and matched with Ariani shawl. The design for both Baju Kurung and Ariani shawls are very intricate and beautiful. I love all the colour match up!

If you visit Jakel's largest mall near Masjid Jamek, you will be left overwhelmed with the selections of not only ready made outifts but others Hari Raya neccesities including for house deco.So make sure you'll jot these days down on your personal calender as Jakel will be touring to all their outlets to offer crazy prizes for Hari Raya! Not just that, you can also meet some of Jakel's ambassadors on those days!And keep your eyes on Jakel's Instagram @jakeltextile to get to their latest info!

19 Jun 2015

Jakel Kubang Kerian
Selebriti : Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad

20 Jun 2015
Jakel Mall KL
Selebriti : Aaron Aziz, Che Ta/Zain, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad

21 Jun 2015

Jakel JB
Selebriti : Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad

27 Jun 2015
Jakel Shah Alam
Selebriti : Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad

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Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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