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[Butterfly Malaysia x Muse By Watson] Introducing the new Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo - To a Longer Stay Eyebrow!

Hello guys :)

I used to suck at drawing brows. Well, I still am honestly but comparing to those 'unflattering brows' days I am proud to say I've at least leveled up a bit in the brows game. I used to hate it because drawing brows using brow pencil are just not fun, it usually looks very unnatural with obvious harsh lines.


My favourite way to do my brow is doing it Korean style which is straight, soft and natural looking brows rather than sharply defined brows. I don't like arched brows, I always end up looking mean and older with it and I seriously don't need to look any older than I'm supposed to.  LOL!

My favourite brow product is definitely a brow mascara instead of the widely used brows pencil since it is easier, quickly done and looks really natural. Korean beauty brands have a wide range of brow mascara products with shades ranging from black to a softer brown shade. Just like it's name, the product uses eye mascara like wand with bristle shape a bit like a tiny toothbrush. 

But sometimes mascara brow is not enough since it fades and you have to redraw it often. Thus, Clio had came up with this genius solution for that problem and packed it in this tiny product called the Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo. It has a dual end wand which have the brow mascara on one side and a tattoo pen on the other. The tattoo pen is work like a tinting product which makes it stays on longer on your brows.

Clio Proffesional: Available in Muse by Watson

And their current ambassador is Gong Hyo Jin which is one my favourite Korean actress ever! I'm half way bought already! LOL just kidding but seriously I mean, ever heard of her much loved drama Master Sun with So Ji Sub and the now highly followed drama Producer? Gong Hyo Jin is a total goddess! *cough*

Erm sorry for the sudden fangirl moment, I can't help myself sometimes. Now back to our review:

How it Works?

Makeup Artist Demonstration

With just two simple steps, you can achieve a longer lasting brows. The first step involves drawing your brow using the tattoo pen and let it dries for a good eight hours. It is recommended to draw them during the night before going to bed. The tinted effect will make your brow looks fuller and less artificial even after applying the brow mascara. Which bring us to the second step, applying the eyebrow mascara in the morning.

What I like about this product is that I can choose to apply just the brow mascara straight away, or if I want a longer lasting mascara I can apply the tinted part earlier. Actually I tried applying it right before the mascara and the result is not as bad.The mascara brow is very light and does not clump after it dries out while the tattoo pen does stays on very long up to two days if not removed with makeup remover at all, and even certain makeup remover brands does not able to remove it completely. So to highlight it for my fellow Muslim readers that needs to remove it to pray, its better to experiment swatching it on your hand and find out if your makeup remover can remove it completely or not.

This product comes in three different shades which are Earth Brown, Soft Brown and Dark Brown to suit your hair colour. I received the one in Soft Brown shade and as you can see it's not too light even for me. It's quite on high end side for me, priced at RM 95.30 but I've got to say it's totally worth the money. You can now grab it at Muse by Watson store in Sunway Pyramid.

There are also other new range from Clio in Muse by Watson so make sure to check them out! After a swatch I'm now really interested in their air cushion so it's definitely in my wishlist now. Gotta finish up the current air cushion before I try out a new one. Other products from the range includes the Kill Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil (RM42.30) and Kill Brow Conte Powder Kit (RM95.30).

Lastly, a group photo with the lovely and pretty Muse by Watson crews and fellow blogger Aliza Sara and Mira Cikcit! They are such fun people to hang around with! Thanks for the photo Mira :)

Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo
Price: 95.30
Product of: South Korea
Shades: Earth Brown, Soft Brown and Dark Brown
Available in: Muse by Watson
Repurchase Probability: 9.5/10

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No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15
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47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan
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Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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