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Why Changes Can Be Scary.

 Hello guys :)
It's been awhile since I last wrote some mind stimulating post to share, so here I am to discuss something that has been bugging my mind for quite sometimes. Lately I've been facing some issues where I am too scared to take a risk although I'm about ninety nine percent sure about wanting to do it and also get encouragement from people close to me. I've known for a long time ago that I'm not really a risk taker kind of person and I think I got guts only in the size of a pea.

But what I learned from seeing other people, especially other successful and happy people is that they don't really care about anything else if they have something the visioned to be and have a goal to achieve. But yeah, taking risk involves changes and changes can be really scary.

How can it be scary? Well, I'm here to share what bugs me every time I want to make a decision that involve change in my life.

1. Money Issue

This might sounds so materialistic but in order to live in adult world, earning money is actually a life skill that need to be mastered by everyone. If I decide to make a change in my life, the financial circumstances need to be carefully managed and taken into account. So, being scary about not having enough money to do something could hinder one's plan.

2. Ignorance

I realized I know little and have lesser experience if I am to compare myself with others. But I know without doing it, experience cannot be gathered and lesson cannot be learned. Ignorance can be a huge boulder blocking you and from whatever we want or wherever we aim to go, but if we learn how to tackle them ignorance can turned to knowledge and experience.

3. Stepping Out of Comfort Zone

Doing things differently from others will definitely lead to some problems, issues and challenges. I have to step out of your comfort zone and challenge myself in order to conquer what I want. So that will be really scary 

4. People's Talking

It's easy to tell others to just ignore what people says but I can't. I like people too much to not take their opinions into account and I also have this bad, like really bad habit of trying to please everyone around. I hate crisis and I would do anything to avoid any bad blood with anyone, even when I'm well aware that I won't be able to please everyone, life is not that perfect.

5. No Confidence

It turned out, all those things that are making me scared in making changes and taking risk is coming from my lack of confidence. But there is this saying, 'confidence is not something you are born with, it's something you grow through constant practice'. I guess I need to keep that closer to my heart and mind.

But hey in the end, during the time I took to finished up this post (which took a few days since I've been a little occupied); I with some push from everyone around me decided to just go through with the plan and well I made the change. It was a tad too reckless if I am to take my personality into account and even now I feel scared and uncertain. But heck, I am not even halfway past my twenties, it's time to make mistake and learn. I just hope my pea sized gut will grow into a strong sprout. Wish me luck! ;)

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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