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Summarizing My Raya and Super Junior Special Comeback

Hello guys!

It's a bit late but I would still want to wish you guys a 'Selamat Hari Raya'! How was it for you guys? As for me, I didn't travel back to my 'kampung' (mom's hometown) this year and celebrated the Eid in Kuala Lumpur instead because my grandma was here at that time. So, we had our small gathering at our aunt's house for the celebration.

In overall, that day was filled with eating too much Hari Raya foods, talking and watching movies. We didn't go to visit anyone on the first day and spent time together with each other (aunts, uncles and cousins) which was a good thing because it's really hard to meet and catch up since everyone were busy on normal days. I was definitely not bored; apart from catching up with everyone, my favourite group Super Junior made their special comeback (finally, yayyy!) so I was fangirl-ing over their performance while eating my favourite Raya food (more on favourite Hari Raya food HERE).

I'm doing my part as a loyal fan *flip shawl* so here is their music video on the latest comeback. I'm loving the tracklists so far! Can't wait for my pre-order album to arrive too :D Will share the unboxing if I have time! Their first comeback performance on Mnet Countdown was awesome especially the fanchant!

The sad part of this Eid? It's the first one since my maternal grandfather passed away so we did feel the emptiness. I bet we would feel a lot worse if we went back to my mom's hometown so celebrating Eid in KL did help a bit. Anyway, I'm just ranting in this post since I already went MIA for almost a week. Been drafting some posts so look forward to it soon. I'm going to share about my haul on Althea (you can read about Althea HERE), and a few products review coming up too!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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