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Syawal is Coming, Let's Get Excited with 1Utama!

Hello guys!

Syawal is lurking around and I bet many of you are feeling the heat already. How time flies right? So, are you excited to celebrate it this year? How about all the preparations? Are you the type that already completed them even before Ramadhan started or the type to do last minute preparations? Well personally, I am the later. LOL

But after checking out how festive-like the decorations for Hari Raya in 1 Utama, I am starting to get really excited for it! Taking the theme of 'Meriahnya Syawal' inspired by how we celebrate Hari Raya when we go back to our hometown or as we all endearingly call 'Kampung', 1 Utama took a big effort to decorate their LG Oval concourse in order to recreate the nostalgic feeling of Hari Raya just for us city people.

Don't believe me? I guess more pictures will tell a better story!

You need to check it out for yourself actually; how realistic the 'penghulu' (head of the village) house is with fully functioning kitchen using the appliances courtesy of Belling and Way where live cooking demos happens on selected dates. Make sure to catch the ever-so-charming Chef Sherson Lian on his second cooking demonstration on 12th July 2015 at 3PM! Or another demo from Chef Zaidah a day before that at 5PM. I was lucky to be able to check out Chef Sherson's first cooking demo but my blogger friend Arpita was even more lucky as she get to be his assistant of the day!

While at that, make sure to check out every nook and cranny of the LG Oval concourse because every spot I've been to the other day were decorated with such details it would definitely be Instagram worthy! There are a few spots which I like the best so make sure to check them out. I'll give you some clues, just find these places in the pictures below!

Favourite Spot: Old School Bicycle

Favourite Spot: Cooking Dodol Spot

Favourite Spot: Cooking Lemang Spot

Favourite Spot: The Red Vespa

Favourite Spot: The Vespas In Front of Penghulu House

By the way, do you know that the grasses in the pictures are actually real grass?  To bring out the authentic feeling like you're in a real 'Kampung', 1 Utama took a great length of measure to bring these grasses which are planted and showered everyday to maintain its green. Not to mention all that intricate decorations to show how much effort being put to create such a realistic 'Kampung' feeling.

 Details 1: Cooking Traditional Kuih

 Details 2: Detailing on The Roof

Details 3: Old School Knick Knacks

Details 4: Fake Electric/Telephone(?) Pole

Details 5: Penghulu House Verandah with Flower Pots

Starting from 26th June to the upcoming 20th July 2015; Hari Raya events, acivities and promotions has been going on for shoppers to participate. Apart from the cooking demonstration, there are shopping bargains and festive promotions, entertaining dance and performances, weekend bazaar, fashion shows and my most look forward to buka puasa fare!

Not only at the LG Oval concourse 'Makan Village' where you can get varieties of traditional foods like rendang, ketupat, lemang, Hari Raya cookies and many more, there is also the Hari Raya ONECARD Buka Puasa Reward for us to enjoy! For ONECARD members who dine or make purchases after 7PM at selected ONECARD Food and Beverages Outlets (which I will list some of them down below) will get to enjoy exclusive benefits!

ONECARD F&B Participating Outlets

Sushi King | TGI Friday's | Starbucks | Shogun | Secret Recipe | Pizza Hut | Pasta Zanmai | Papparich | Chili's | Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul | Absolute Thai | Betjemen & Barton | Burger King | KFC | Coffee Bean | Fish & Co | Little Fat Duck | Madam Kwan's | O'Briens | Nana's Green Tea

Other than that, 1 Utama is giving Aidilfitri Treats for its shoppers at 1 Utama Gift Redemption Section. With every purchase of RM500 above (max 2 receipts on the same day at participating ONECARD outlets) for non card holder and RM300 for ONECARD members, you are entitled to take home a free gift of a lovely cake stand courtesy of 1 Utama. For Maybank card members, a pair of festive cookie jars is waiting for the first 3000 members that spends above RM500 (max 2 receipts). More info on gift redemption: Click Here

Check out other fun activities that is still going on for you and your families to enjoy so make sure to note your calender so you won't be missing out on it!  :)

Festive Activities

1. Emozi Magnetic Photo Giveaway [ 11th & 12th July | GF Centre Court | 10 AM ]
2. Custom Made Bracelet Giveaway [ 18th July | GF Centre Court | 2PM-4PM ]
3. Caricature Badges Giveaway [ 19th July | GF Centre Court | 2PM-4PM ]
4. Choco & Fruitie Tart Baking Workshop  [ 12th July | LG Oval | 1PM | T&C's Applies ]
5. De Weekend Bazaar [ 11-12th July, 18-19th July | GF Centre Court near UNIQLO ]
6. Gaya Raya Fashion Show [ 12th July | GF Centre Court | 12 PM ]
7. Kraftangan Malaysia [ 26th June - 15th July | LG Oval ]


1. The Percussionists by Warisan Seni [ 11th July | GF Centre Court | 1PM ]
2. V.A Consort [ 11th July | LG Oval | 3PM ]
3. Tarian Rakyat  [ 17th July | LG Oval | 3PM ]
4. Tarian Rakyat  [ 18th July | GF Centre Court | 3PM ]
5. The Breakdance Crew  [ 18th July | LG Oval | 5PM ]
5. The Breakdance Crew  [ 19th July | GF Centre Court | 5PM ]
6. Modern Inspired Malays Dance [ 19th July | LG Oval | 3PM ]

For more info on the activities and T&C's: Click Here

Credit: Shivani Balraj @ Pen My Blog

If you're looking for new Baju Raya, make sure to head off to the GF Centre Court consourse because you will get to check out all things faboulous, fashionable and up-to-date there! As for me, I am planning to go to 1 Utama once again this weekend to do my long overdue Hari Raya shopping and maybe buka puasa with some friends there too like I did the other day with my bloggers friend!

Credit: Mira Cikcit @ Scribbledydum

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. As usual your photos are taken like a pro, love them

    1. thanks leona ;)
      well they are mostly still out of focus need to learn more.


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