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Buffet Ramadhan with Restoran Rebung @ KL Tower - Featuring Breathtaking View!

Hello guys!

Of all the Ramadahan Buffets I have been to this year, the one in KL Tower was definitely most insta-worthy with the amazing view all around. Restoran Rebung collaboration with the KL Tower brings you a taste of Kampung with breathtaking night view of all Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is owned by Chef Ismail, a well known Malaysian chef whom I bet most of you have heard of.

I was busy taking pictures of the view outside right after entering the banquet hall. I've never seen such view of Kuala Lumpur as clear at it was that day! The night scenery was even better with lights filling up the night. But it's not just the view, the buffet dinner also features a lot of mouthwatering dishes.While dining, there were also accompanying musician performing!

The special menu? For me, its definitely the Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin. It's rich and thick,  and the fish doesn't taste fishy at all. There are lot more other Kampung dishes like Masak Lemak Daging Salai,  Masak Lemak Rebung,  Kari Daging with Kentang,  Nasi Ulam and many more.

The dessert section also features Malaysia style menu like my favourite Apam Gula Hangus. You must try the Serawa Durian which is so creamy!! There are assortments of other type of dessert and also fruits slices.

You can also get a freshly made dodol straight from the huge kawah on the side dishes section! There are also assortments of kerabu for you to try. There are also some menu stalls with variety of dishes from noodle soup,  laksa,  fried kuew teow, grilled fish and many more.You can also get some others Malaysian favourite foods like Roti Jala, Rojak and Ramadhan must have Bubur Lambuk.

The buffet Ramadhan is now available until 12th of July 2015 starting from 6.30PM to 10PM daily in Mega View Banquet Hall, KL Tower. You can also meet Chef Ismail in person every Friday. Priced at RM99++ per adult and RM59++ per child and free for child under 3 years old. Not just that, you also get the privilege to enter the KL Tower Obeservation Deck for free! For every 10 paying adult, you also get a 1pax free!

For more info: 
Phone: 03-20205444
Facebook: officialmenarakl

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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