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Crossing Off 'Getting Featured in a Newspaper' in Life Bucket List

Hey guys!

Well, this is old story; I know I should have written about this earlier but first I would like to mention that this post is intended to be a personal yet public documentation of somehow one of the things I've never expected to happen in my life that actually happened to me; and of course it's not at all for bragging because it's not like I found a cure for AIDS or cancer or something brag-worthy about right?

Anyway, how I came to be featured in a local newspaper was actually quite an unexpected occurrence. A few months ago, I received an email from Harian Metro's reporter asking if I would be free to receive an interview talking about Malaysia beauty blogging scene. I said "why not?" because I thought it was just a simple interview where my opinion will be posted on the side of the main article in just a small column. Little did I know it was a full page article.

Well, I do question myself if I actually deserve it because I somehow feel there are a lot of other bloggers that are far superior and of course, popular than I do; I'm just a small fish in this huge sea of bloggers. Of course, I feel happy about getting featured, and it made me feel like I have to be a lot more proactive in blogging which is a good catalyst but I can't help but to question myself and feel scared with the sudden exposure. You see I am a very private person so the idea of being featured in a newspaper is really scary to me. What if what I said now is different than how I would feel in the next five years?

Anyhow it was still a happy occasion for me and I guess 'Getting Featured in a Newspaper' should be crossed off from my life bucket now. Reading my past posts from years ago and comparing them to how I write nowadays always amuses me. How much I changed from a very sensitive girl that write emotional posts about every little thing to a person who goes around mingling and meeting new friends and loves makeup. There are a lot of things that stayed the same, though, like my obsession with Super Junior, anime, sad love songs and Korean dramas. That's the beauty in blogging to me, reading what I wrote before always make me thing about that particular time. It's really sentimental and a bit embarrassing sometimes too because in some post I sound so silly.

Once again I wonder how I'd feel when I come back and read this post a few years from now? Would I sound silly in this one too? I don't know, so please tell me Anis from the future! And I guess that's all I want to share this time. It's more of me babbling around talking about random stuff again but I hope you guys had fun reading.
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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