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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Althea Korea!

Annyeongg~~! ^^

So I was given an opportunity to be a beta tester for a new Korean beauty online shopping site for all Malaysian beauty lovers and I've got to say that I'm so far really am impressed with the site! It's just launched today July 1st 2015 and currently there are so much exciting products that I've been wanting to try and amazing offers available on the website! As a blogger who talk quite often about beauty and makeup I feel that I just need to tell you guys about this. Please note that I am not paid to do any blog post about this site so its really is my opinion.

So here are the reasons why Althea Korea is going to be a top competitor among online shopping website for beauty products soon!

1. From Korea with Love!

You can read about Althea promises: HERE

A bit of background info; Althea is a name taken from South Korea national flower. From what I know, Althea Korea is a website that connects directly to its HQ in South Korea. That means there will definitely be no issue with the authenticity of the products because they will get them straight away from official supplier in Korea. I knew there were issues with fake products on some other online websites but no worries for Althea Korea as they guarantee that there will be no fake products will be sold on their website. They're very confident with this that they stated that whatever fake product you got from them, they will refund 200% of your purchase value. Plus, the products will be ship straight from Korea to your door step; there will be no middleman whatsoever! Thus, 'From Korea with Love'!

2. Jaw Dropping Price!

Almost RM200 OFF?!

I am HIGHLY IMPRESSED by their price when I was browsing around as beta tester!! You see, I love love love love Korean beauty products (cannot emphasize more) and about fifty percent of Korean products that I currently own were purchased straight from South Korea through a someone I know who lives there. Why? Because even after combining with shipping price, they are still much cheaper than buying from the flagship stores they have in Malaysia. That is how big the price difference is; even price of products on other online shopping website doesn't have this much difference compared to the prices offered in Althea. I was halfway to insanity when I saw all the cheap products in Althea! I am ready to bet with you guys that you will definitely be impressed by the price! Believe me, I'm well informed of selling prices in Korea and how much difference we have to pay if we buy the products in Malaysia. You won't regret checking this site and you will love me for telling you about it.

3. Keeping Up With The Trends!

If you love to keep up with the latest Korean beauty trends, I believe that soon Althea will definitely be one of the places where you will be able to get up to date info. There will be definitely promotions and editor's pick section to show you what is the latest craze among the Korean girls. You know, like how big it was the first time a BB cushion product was introduced before and how famous is animal pattern facial pack nowadays; some people get to know it a bit later (or even never) if they don't live in Korea. Unless if you're like me, someone who watch Korean drama and variety shows all the time that I managed to picked up their latest trend from watching the shows. For example; once when the drama Kill Me Heal Me was still airing (my favourite drama ever!), the lip product where the main lead put on becomes sold out so fast soon after that particular episode was aired. I knew it was sold out because I wanted to order too and someone told me I won't be able to get it for the mean time. Don't believe me? You can read about it HERE. *The power of Korean girls*

4. Brands Galore!

One of the product in my 'To Buy' list for so long!

I'm very sure the number of brands available on Althea Korea will be bigger as time passed by so you can get to try varieties of Korean cosmetics brands and not just limited to the well known one like Etude House, Nature Republic, Laneige and Tony Moly. You need to know there are lots of other good brands coming from there like Hera, IOPE, Aritaum, The Saem, Mamonde, Lirikos, eSpoir and many more and I hope Althea will add them into their brands list ASAP! There are lots that even myself haven't got to try. Being directly connected to Korean beauty source, Althea have a high probability to grow as one of the best online Korean products supplier for Malaysian market. Give it a year or two, maybe even less; you will end up having headache from choosing what you want to get from their lists of products. I am not responsible if you went overboard spending there because there is no guarantee that I won't be the same too!

5. Easy as 1,2,3!

Since they display price in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) there will be no issue with money conversion. They also offer free shipping for orders above RM150 which is actually quite a nice catch considering they're shipping from Korea. If you shop less than that? Instead of fix price, the shipping cost will depend on the product weight instead. There is also an unconditional returns policy which is absolutely an amazing deal. For now you can pay by paypal but I heard something from a little birdie that soon more payment options will be added for your ease of use.

So yeah, all the above are the top five reasons why I am so excited with the launch of this new website. Even though I've got to say that I am very worried that I would spend too much time 'ohhh-ing' and 'ahh-ing' at the products or even worse overspend because of the awesome price. Since the site is new there might be bugs or issues at first but I am absolutely excited to see how much it grows. I am so relieved I have a place to shop Korean products at cheaper price now and won't need to bother my friend to go buy for me every time I want something, LOL!

So make sure to check out their website ! I will also be posting what I got during the beta testing session soon so look forward to it too and if you decided to shop, tell me what you got! xoxo.

Althea's Grand Launching Promotion:
1. Free International Shipping for every RM100 purchase
2. Discount RM20 off RM150 cart using ATA150 code!
3. RM1 deals every 3 days
4. Amazing prices from Korea

Get RM20 OFF on your first order on Althea Malaysia (minimum purchase RM150) by using my referral link HERE.

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Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Wahhh you even sharing about them on your blog, nice Anis! ^_^
    Your blog is seriously pretty too, I mean it!
    I agreed with you on everything you wrote about Althea too, seems like this website would be my most fave among the others to seek for the K-products after this! ^_^

    1. Thanks for the compliment about my blog :)
      And yes! I can't wait to have more products and brands in Althea. I seriously love how cheap it is. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. TERHARU BACA!!!!! thank u for sharing about Althea babe!!!!!!!!! and inputing your 5 reasons to choose Althea!!!

    1. Oh! Terharu dengar you terharu!!
      Thanks Tammy <3

  3. Hi! Great post! How is althea's pricing compared with if you buy them straight from their physical shops in korea? I checked some prices on some brand's website and was surprised that they are actually pricier than what althea offers. Is it the same with the physical shops? Thank you!

    1. Hi YogurtForDessert the pricing is pretty similar in Korea and some of them are even lower. The price on the brands website is usually the same in physical store too. I can't say its true for all products though since it may differ based on brand. P/S: love your name ^^


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