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Stripping Your Skin Bare @ Strip, Ministry of Waxing

Hey guys!

A few days ago, I've shared about my one day experience getting pampered by Beauty Guide and the first place we went to on that day was Strip, Bangsar for a quick waxing session. Although I've talked about it in the post HERE, I just feel like sharing with you guys a bit more details about Strip, Ministry of Waxing.

It was my first time doing waxing so I was a bit nervous and unsure about it. On the day, we were given options to either do a half arm or underarm waxing due to time constraint. But when I looked at their price listings on the wall, they have various waxing services for customers to choose from.

Strip, Ministry of Waxing comes from Singapore and was established in 2002; and now been popping out in nine different countries worldwide. They have quite a few branches in Malaysia, the two that I know of is in KLCC and Bangsar. You can check out their website here at The website interface is so nice and colourful so I had a bit of fun browsing around.

They uses this 'HSQ' guideline which stands for Hygiene, Speed and Quality so I guess you won't have to worry about when getting a job done by them. I think they've won quite a few awards so the service must be really good.

My session was quick and painless; I have a sensitive skin so there were a bit of redness on my skin but with a proper care it was gone quickly. They also told us some post waxing precautions like not to get to sauna or swimming pool a few days after waxing and etc.

I am not paid to write this, I just have some free time and think it would be great to share a recommendation with you guys. So have you gotten your first waxing experience yet? Any funny story? Don't forget to share with me :)
Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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