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How I Deal With Anger

Hello guys :)

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So here is a story, I was pretty mad a few hours ago before I decided to write this post.  Although not the flaming i-will-kill-you kind of anger I was pretty pissed off at it that I actually ranted about it on Facebook. Not really a graceful act I admit; I try to not go around posting negative statuses online because I know how it can sometimes come and bite me back. But yeah, I was pretty annoyed.

But being angry for a long time is not healthy, time consuming and is even bad for my heart (the stress you know) so I have a few things that I do when I need to cool off. It's not in any particular order, just the things that I would mostly do to curb my anger:

1. Eat

Not a really healthy option and I can't do it today since I'm currently fasting but eating does release the tension. But make sure you don't eat out your anger by taking so much food. Take a bite of something sweet, like chocolate; it helps to release the happy hormone Endorphin and will definitely lift up your mood

2. Distract Myself with Entertainment

If I have time to spare, I will pick up a book, listen to a relaxing song (not some metal grunge genre), or even watch a funny show to ease myself up. Take my mind off the negativity and focus on something nice and positive is definitely on of the quickest way to make me happy again.

3. Take a Cold Shower

If the quick method doesn't work, a cold shower will definitely help me to release some steam. If I'm up to it, sometimes I will use some aromatherapy soap since the scent will definitely help me to cool down. 

4. Pray

As a Muslim, the best way to share my conflict is with my Creator. Talking to Him will definitely make me feel safe and relaxed. When I think of Him, my life conflict would seem too miniscule and unimportant anymore. So praying is definitely a wise way to reduce my negative feeling, be it sadness or anger.

5. Write

Writing makes me think realistically and make me think of pros and cons of something even more. So if I am angry or sad, I will write. If its too private to share to others, I will turn on to my diary. If I think others will benefit even a bit from my writing, I'll post in on my blog like I do right now but instead of telling stories about the situation and spread hate, I will try to look it from another angle.

I did almost all of the above to reduce my anger today (except for the eating part of course) and I feel happy and relaxed now. I hope this tips will help you too! If you have a unique way to release your anger, tell me!

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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