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Movie Review: What If You Can Do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING?

Hello guys!

What if one day you wake up and suddenly you're granted with a power that let you do absolutely anything; what would you wish for? Personally my wishes would be along the line of infinite wealth, great health maybe an ability to stay in my ideal weight forever (oh yes please) and to make my cat Leo be able to talk (just like how the main lead wished the same for his dog, LOL). It's definitely a matter of 'what if', and I am pretty once in awhile this kind of thought would pop into most of our minds.

The creator of the movie 'Absolutely Anything' which I got to watch last week took this idea of 'what if' and turn it into a pretty hilarious story. It's about the life of a school teacher Neil Clark (Simon Pegg) that turned upside down when he suddenly became a subject of experiment of a group of aliens. He received a unlimited power that let him to do absolutely anything with just a wave with his hand.

There are a lot of funny moments in the movies so get ready to laugh from the start to the end! This movie is also Robin Williams final film performance where he acted as the voice of Neil's dog, Dennis. The pair are just so funny! There quite a lot of adult joke so the movie is rated P13, but well we all were laughing like crazy each time because of that. You can watch the trailer here:

In overall, I would say that this movie would worth my money to watch if I'm looking for a good laugh. My enjoyment rating would be a 4.0/5 since there was almost no dull moment except the one minute into the opening which well were quite dull for my liking. I would like to thank for inviting me to this special screening. I had a good time that night with my fellow blogger friend Reia!

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