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My Top 5 Wishlist from Althea Korea!


If you've read my post on 5 Reasons Why I Love Althea Korea , you should know how much I like the new online shopping website. Even after finishing beta testing shopping haul, I always find myself to be checking out Althea almost on a daily basis (stalker alert! :P). My wishlist in my account keeps on growing and now already reaching to 20 products! I know, so much stuffs to buy and try!!

So while I was browsing Althea just now (while adding the 21th product into my wishlist), I remembered that tonight is the last day to submit my Althea posts for their blogger competition. Since I already posted my previous haul and a simple infographic on how to shop on Althea HERE too, I guess why not write a third post sharing about my Top 5 Wishlist from Althea Korea?

Picking my top 5 wishlist from Althea Korea among all of the many interesting and super affordable products in my account wishlist was hard. I feel like I should buy all 21 products straight away, LOL! But after contemplating, I've finally chosen the five that I would really want to have.

So, here we go! My top five wishlist from Althea Korea are;

 images source: althea korea

1. LabStory: Pure Aqua Pore Tightening Ice Cool Toner (RM80)

This is one of the product that piqued my interest the most. The original price as quoted from Althea is RM151! I am really curious how good this product would be especially on my dry skin, considering the price. It's such a bargain to be getting it at almost half the original price and also a good chance to try a new brand too.

2. Ettina: Cleansing Ball (RM55)

Aren't the colourful balls look so cute? I think I've seen this product once before but not sure whether it's from someone's blog post or a Korean shows. I don't know what to expect too but with the price it would be worth a shot to try.

3. Skin Food: Pore Fit Cushion Bottle (RM80)

I blame Tammy for this one. I actually tried on her's and I instantly fall in love! I like the cooling sensation it gave on my skin and I think it'd be refreshing to my skin every time I touch up. Plus, I have only tried the normal compact BB cushion so this product is new and interesting.

4. WLab: White Holic Cream (RM56)

I am mostly intrigued by how white I would be if I try on this product. The price is also quite affordable! It could be a quick way to give my skin more fairness. I've gotten too dark over these past few years especially since Malaysia kept getting hotter each year.

5. Laneige: Black Head Melting Gel (RM77)

Another product that got added into my wishlist after I saw a fellow blogger (and dear friend) Carol's video on Youtube talking about her Althea's haul. She even mentioned about it when I met her previously so I am really wondering if it'll work on my stubborn blackheads. I'm a huge fan of Laneige so I can't wait to get it!

So yeah, these are my top five wishlist. That means I will definitely try to buy all of them once I have the funds, *need to find work soon* LOL. You can check out more about the products by clicking on the names above since I've linked them up for your convenience. I just pray my wishlist on Althea won't grow too long, I might end up broke soon. Haha!

You can check out Althea Korea on or like their Facebook Althea Korea for more updates and contests.

P/S: Get RM20 OFF your first order on Althea Malaysia through this link.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


  1. Why are cleansing balls from Korea look pretty?? Hahaha. BTW you are tagged :)

    1. i know right? but so cute LOL! thanks for the tag btw ;D


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