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I'm Alive and (Difficultly) Breathing: Tips during Haze!

Hello guys!

I've been MIA again right?! Actually my lack of updates is again due to my asthmatic problem which has turned to be a bit hard to control ever since the haze started get worse about one month ago. I even went to ER (twice) and the doctor latest diagnosis on me aside from the asthma was 'almost pneumonia'. Yeah, it's that bad but it was not shocking to me. I pretty much expected it because how the heck am I going to do the 'mind control' thing I usually do during my asthma attacks when I myself know I can't really avoid the smell of something burning that keeps on infiltrating my whole house all the time. 

Movies Binge with Iflix ft Smart Pinoy Sim

Hello guys!

Life is so much fun and easy for introverts like me these days. Staying at home is never boring when I get to binge on movies without the need of going to cinemas or buying CDs. It's all because of my latest addiction to Iflix. If you love to binge on movies like me, make sure to read more. 

Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara Review

Hello guys!

I'm back with yet another beauty review and this time its the Skin Soul Natural Volume Attack Mascara. Skin Soul is a local brand that features organic and paraben free skincare. It is not a foreign brand to me because I've tried out some of their products on counter before. The mascara delivers thicker and more volumed lashes and also features growth and curls actives. The key ingredient is Mulberry Root Extract deeply nourishes and strengthens lashes while Lash Curling Complex promotes lasting curls. The results are fuller, longer and beautiful curled lashes.

Dirty Benefits Coconut Confession All Natural Coffee Scrub Review

Hello guys!

Do you love body scrub? If you never tried any scrub product before, I highly recommend you to start from now. Body scrub has a lot of health and beauty benefits especially as an option for people with skin problem. I love scrub product and recently I was introduced with Dirty Benefits; all natural coffee scrub that is packed with whole lots of good stuffs. Comes in two different type Classic Obsession and Coconut Confessions, I managed to get my hand on the later. 

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015: In The Eyes of A Fashion Noob

Hello guys! 

Alia Bastamam models. Image credit: sizzlingsuzai

Recently (actually it was weeks back but I forgot to publish the post), I was given an opportunity to attend one of the show during the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear (KLFWRTW) 2015. In normal days, my experience in the world of fashion are usually limited to those times when I watch movies or television shows that revolves around it. For example; The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and of course Ugly Betty, which is one of my favourite American series ever. I never consider myself fashionable. Maybe not a fashion terrorist (oh gosh please, hopefully not) but my wardrobe usually consist of stuffs that I consider affordable, comfortable, not too plain yet still does not stand out that much. In another word, just a normal plain Jane. There might be occasions where I dolled up a bit but I bet the numbers are far less the number of fingers I have on my hand.

The Martian Movie Review: Watch How Sexy Matt Damon Conquer Mars

Hello guys!

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When I first read the news of the movie adaptation of Andy Weir's best-selling novel The Martian, I got really excited . Like super ecstatic; especially since Matt Damon is the lead actor. We all know how great and sexy actor he is both at the same time. I love the novel story line to bits when I first listened to the audio version of it on Audible. Love it so much that I then reread the entire novel all over again soon after that, twice. I recommended the book to a fellow blogger Kak Puteri and she share the same opinion so we ended up going to watch the movie together too.

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