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I'm Alive and (Difficultly) Breathing: Tips during Haze!

Hello guys!

I've been MIA again right?! Actually my lack of updates is again due to my asthmatic problem which has turned to be a bit hard to control ever since the haze started get worse about one month ago. I even went to ER (twice) and the doctor latest diagnosis on me aside from the asthma was 'almost pneumonia'. Yeah, it's that bad but it was not shocking to me. I pretty much expected it because how the heck am I going to do the 'mind control' thing I usually do during my asthma attacks when I myself know I can't really avoid the smell of something burning that keeps on infiltrating my whole house all the time. 

Staying indoors doesn't really help nowadays either unless if I block every nook and cranny of the house with something. But I refused to let my sickness consume me as much so I've been working really hard these days! Yes, I finally started working again earlier this month and it has been nothing but fun stuffs so far. Will talk about that soon too :)

I tried to not rant too much about my sickness but I guess I can't help it (this is still a personal blog). Haha. I know I seem to get sick often this year, what a luck. Anyway, while at it I think I might as well share some basic tips to stay healthy and comfortable during the haze.  I know it won't sound so credible coming from me but well, I think if I don't do this my condition would be worse than it is now.

Tips to Stay Healthy and Comfortable during Haze

1. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, at least with the minimum 2 liter requirement.
2. Stock up on face masks and wear them always when you're outdoor.
3. Temporarily avoid physical activities in outdoor areas (like sports).
4. Bring eye drop to refresh your itchy eyes.
5. Take supplements like Vitamin C and Cod Fish Oil to increase immunity.
6. Apply moisturizers on your skin since it gets too much exposure to impure air these days.
7. Use air conditioner/purifier indoor to reduce the amount of bad air inside.
8. Wash your face and hands as often as you could to maintain hygiene.

Till next post, toodles~! ♥ミ


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